This article provides detailed information on whether it is a scam or legit Adthon Store.

Do you want to find high-quality bestsellers online Are you looking for Halloween pumpkin dresses? is an international B2C ecommerce store that sells fast fashion. It is a fast fashion e-commerce platform that focuses on the United States and Australia. Continue reading to learn more about Adthon Store Scam, Legit, and website specifications.

Is Adthon Store a trusted portal

Customers should verify that the website is trustworthy before purchasing products online. We have listed some key points here for your convenience.

  • This website was created on: Adthon Store registered a few months prior (7th March 2002).
  • Alexa Ranking The Adthon Store website is ranked # 8041101.
  • Trust Score Adthon Store has a very poor trusted score of 8%
  • Social Media: It’s available.
  • Customer Support Number: This number is not available.
  • Contact: It’s available.
  • Customer Reviews: Adthon Store Reviewfound.
  • Privacy Statement: Adthon Store privacy statement are available.
  • Return and Exchange Policies: Returns and Exchanges accepted within 7 days.
  • Return details: 1 to 3 days after receipt of the parcel.

Information about the Adthon Store website

Adthon is an international B2C ecommerce platform that sells fast fashion. Adthon Store is primarily focused on high-quality products. Adthon Store targets consumers markets in America, Europe, Australia, America and the Middle East. In October 2016, Adthon was launched. It now covers businesses in over 220 countries around the world, after it entered the online market.

Specification according to Adthon Store Review :

  • Website Type Online fashion festival clothes selling website.
  • Types of Products: Halloween and Christmas dresses, shoes, and other festival clothes, etc.
  • Website created date 7th of March 2022
  • Website Expiry Date: 7th of March 2023
  • Website URL Address:
  • Customer service ID: [email protected]


  • Store is protected with SSL certificates


  • is a very popular website.

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Adthon sells festival and fashion dresses. Adthon reviews were only found on the official website. Adthon Store is supported on social media, but it has less reach. Website has poor spam scores and proximity. Find out more about Credit card scams.


Is Adthon Store a Scam or Legit shows that the website is not well-known and has less experience in online business. Only 8% of the trust scores are available to the store. The customer should do more research before making a purchase. Also, More information about PayPal Scams is available.

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