You’ve found the right place if you want to know more about Artulikea Life. You can read a detailed Artulikea Life Review to determine whether the company is a legitimate one or a scam.

Safety Index of Artulikea.Life :15/100

  • Domain name: Artulikea.Life
  • Website name: Artulikea (Go To Shoping)
  • Email: hot@examfreevs .com
  • Store Location: 3779 Sumner Street Culver City, CA 90232
  • Categories of Products Available on its Website:Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Basket
  • Its website lists the following products: 42” Mower belt for Select Lawn Mowers; Nike Air Max 270 Women’s sneakers White – JD Sports France; Ultimate Ears UE MUGABOOM Remix Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Black; Nike Sportswear AQUA RIFT trainers Barely Red/Fire Orange/Pink/Laser Pink/Pink/Blue, Alp Mate Women’s 30L Backpack; The Natural Mattress for Babies

Below we have listed a few facts about Artulikea Life. These include its pros and cons as well as whether it has received any complaints. This will allow you to see the truth about this website.

  • On its website, you can find the Hypertext Transfer protocol Secure (HTTPS).
  • The website of this retailer provides the store’s address.
  • The phone number for the contact person is not listed on the “Contact Us,” the “About Us” and the “Home” page of the website, nor at the bottom during the review.
  • Scam sites often use a different domain name than the website name. Legitimate websites, however, usually keep both consistent.
  • This website lists a number of products at discounted prices, which is suspicious given the many scam sites that offer similar discounts.
  • Multiple scam sites have identified the email address [email protected].
  • Social media icons on a website are not useful, since they direct to the home pages of social media sites instead of the official social media pages.
  • The design and content of the website resembles multiple scam websites.
  • Numerous complaints have been made against sites of this type.

Artulikea Life is a site that has raised concerns over its credibility.

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Note: It has been found that these sites change their name and the content of their site from time to time. The above review is based upon the information provided on the website at the date mentioned. This means that if you later find different details to what we provided in this review, this online store may have changed their details. This still makes the site suspicious.

It is important to act immediately if you are a victim of a scam and have made an online purchase. Contact your bank or card company immediately and explain to them the situation. Ask for their help in getting a refund on the fraudulent transaction. Open a dispute in your PayPal account, and contact the support team. You should provide a detailed explanation of the scam. Include all relevant details, such as the nature and seller of the scam. Also, include any supporting evidence. You can improve your chances to get a refund from the online scam store by following these steps.

It is important to get the tracking number from the postoffice if you receive an item that is much cheaper or totally different than your original order. These documents usually include important details, such as the address of delivery and the weight. The item received may be lighter than anticipated. This information can be shared with your bank, PayPal, or credit card company to strengthen your claim for a refund. Many people who provided this evidence to their financial institution, or payment service provider, have been able to obtain full refunds.


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