Do you plan to purchase sweatshirts from Dicklog? We have this article for you.

Are you looking to update your wardrobe with trendy jackets and hoodies that are fashionable? These clothes are popular in the United States, where Dicklog is an online store. Before we recommend the store, let’s first examine Is a Scam or Legit.

Is the clothing shop genuine?

  • The portal was created one month and seventy days ago.
  • Trust Rating It has a dismal trust rating at 1%
  • This portal does not have an Alexa rank.
  • Social Media No page could be found
  • Corporate Address – The website lists their corporate addresses.
  • Contact – The portal lists their customer support phone number.
  • Refunding details – In general, refund requests can be processed within 15 days.
  • Returning Information Refunds are allowed within 15 days after receiving the merchandise.
  • Privacy Policy This page contains a description of the privacy policy.
  • Owner Details – The portal provides information about the owner.
  • Do reviews exist? No.

About Dicklog is a leading Chinese online retailer selling trendy casual clothing, jeans, trousers, and accessories. They aim to provide stylish, high-quality products at an affordable price. They are supported by a large network of street-shot website users.


Please take the time to read the important points about the store.

  • Portal Type A website that sells clothing at reasonable prices.
  • Item Type Does scam or legit offer Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Jackets and Sweatpants?
  • September 07, 2022 – Portal Registration Date
  • Portal Expiry DateSeptember 7, 2023
  • Website’s URL –
  • Customer Email –[email protected]
  • Contact Number –11934935.
  • Official address –212 Horton Rd Slough, Datchet England-SL3-9HL.
  • Shipping Details:Free Shipping Available for Orders Above 79$
  • Delivery Timeline –Orders usually arrive within 10-20 business days.

Pros as per Reviews

  • All policies and information regarding businesses are described in detail.


  • It was difficult to find their social media pages and client reviews.

Additional Reviews

There are no reviews on the Dicklog website, which is a trendy clothing retailer. This store does not have any customer reviews on any other online directories. Learn more about PayPal Frau here.


Dicklog’s trust rating is just 1%. Now you have all the information that you need to make a decision about whether you wish to shop with them. You can find more information about Credit Card Scams here.

Is a Scam or Legit. What are your thoughts? Comment below.


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