Harpjet scam or legit. This post will provide information about Harpjet and help you to determine if it is legit.

Are you looking for a bookcase to decorate your home or office? You should update your style with the most recent fashions. Harpjet can be found in the United States. But, it is important to know Is Harpjet Scam? This store’s value has been determined based on its legitimacy. This post will help you shop with confidence.

The Legitimacy and Usefulness of Harpjet Store

  • Trust Score The Harpjet store received a 1 percent rate. We won’t believe this store unless it increases its trust rate.
  • Registrar Harpjet store registered through NameSilo, LLC
  • Registration Date September 27, 2022 is the Harpjet store’s enrollment date. It is not possible to rely on this as the life expectancy of Harpjet customers is very short.
  • Customer Reviews There are a few Harpjet Review for some products on this official website. These reviews can be a bit suspicious as no other online site has published them.
  • Social Media This shop does not have any connections with social media platforms. Harpjet is not well-known.
  • Data Safety The store uses an HTTPS Server to protect the data from any manipulation.
  • Missing Information: The owners and directors of the company have not been named. It makes us suspicious.
  • Policies Their policies are very satisfying. Their legal policies are also available to the readers.
  • Expiry Day: September 27, 2023 is the expiry day for the Harpjet store.

Overview based Harpjet Scam Or Legit

Harpjet is an online shop that sells a variety of bookshelf and bookcases. Although they maintain high quality standards, you can only see the results after using their products. You should only order if you are certain about the website. You should verify its legality. Check out their entire collection below.

  • Ladder shelf
  • Medium Bookcase
  • Leisure Items
  • Byron Bookshelf
  • Harper Bookcase
  • Cappuccino Bookshelf

Specifications for Harpjet

  • URL of Harpjet http://harpjet.com/
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 442086385417
  • Location: Great London, 372 Southampton Row WC1B SHJ UK
  • Harpjet Scam? Or Legit. Although it doesn’t have any reviews online, there are some reviews on a few products.
  • Return Policy: Orders can be returned within 14-days.
  • Shipping policy: The delivery time is between 10-22 business days. Processing orders takes approximately 2 days.
  • Payment options: PayPal, Maestro MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Positive Points

  • Delivery is free up to $49.
  • You can contact us via email, phone, or location.

Negative points

  • Although some reviews can be found on the official website, they are not guaranteed to be authentic as no other trusted online source shares positive feedback.
  • Social media networks cannot be used.

Harpjet Reviews

The online review sites do not have any reviews. We did find some reviews on the website. We can’t trust their products as we have not seen reviews from them on any other online sites. However, customers loved the product. Harpjet’s connections to the social network were not apparent. This makes it more difficult for our team to believe online shops. If they are unsure, the customer should ask. They have provided contact information to help their customers. One question remains: Is Harpjet Scam? Or Legit. It appears to be a scam website. You can also look for ways to avoid credit card fraud


This store was registered just three to four weeks back. The trust score for this store is also one percent. So, it looks like a suspicious store. You can learn more about from the buyers. To avoid PayPal Scamming , you can also review some safety measures.

Let us know your thoughts on this topic. We would love to hear from you.

Harpjet Scam Or Legit : Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harpjet trustworthy?

Ans. Ans.

What makes it suspicious?

Ans. It is a suspicious domain due to its low trust score and life expectancy.

Harpjet provided their contact information.

Ans. Ans.

Has anyone expressed interest in their collection?

Ans. Ans.

What trust score is this website rated at?

Ans. It has a trust factor of one percent.


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