This article will provide information about the legitimacy of Ivyalpha’s website. You can also check Is Ivyalpha Legit.

Do you want to find a website that sells dresses for all occasions and events? You should visit the Ivyalpha shop, where you will find women’s wear in a variety of sizes and shapes. It stocks a complete collection of women’s wear.

Ivystore has great deals at affordable prices that allow you to stay on top of the market. The United States was the original home of the online store. We still need to verify Is Ivyalpha Legit the details of this website. Let’s now get to the details.

Can Ivyalpha trust?

  • Ivyalpha was registered over a year ago on 27 April 2021.
  • Website expires on 27 April 2023. This is next year.
  • The trust index score is 47.6% of 100.
  • HTTP protects the data on the website.
  • Although the trust index is moderate, it ranks at 5985769 which is one of its disadvantages.
  • It’s a great thing that your website page can be found on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok.
  • Ivyalpha Review are not available online because the website was registered recently.
  • Other scores can also be given such as proximity to suspicious sites is 23/100.
  • Search engines have not blacklisted Ivyalpha.
  • Threat is scored at 27/100 and phishing at 11/100.
  • Malware is scored at 7/100 and spam at 27/100.
  • Ivyalpha has a Trust score of 45%. It’s a medium score.
  • Whois paid services make it difficult to determine the identity of the owner.

The scores and details above cannot be used to determine Is Ivyalpha Legit. Additionally, we will discuss details in specific reviews as well as negative and positive points.

You will find a wide range of fashionable, trendy, comfortable, and affordable women’s clothes on this website. Vintage-style clothing is also available. This website has clothes for every occasion, even if you’re a woman.

  • Dresses
  • Swimsuits
  • Pants
  • Leggings
  • Tops
  • Two-piece suits

Information about the website

  • Domain name –
  • Domain URL – – No.33 Shuixian Road, Haiguang Building, Siming District, Xiamen
  • Email address – [email protected], it helps determine Is Ivyalpha Legit.
  • Sort and Filter – This option is available on our official website.
  • No shipping charges –On All Orders Above $89
  • Contact information – Not found anywhere else on the official website.
  • Payment modes – Various payment methods like PayPal, Visa, American Express, Discover, Debit /Credit cards, etc.
  • Return Policy and Refund Policy –All orders are eligible for a 30 day return policy. A refund will be issued within 5 to 15 business days.
  • Shipping Policy –Normal Time of 1-7 Days is required to process the order.

The website’s pros to determine Is Ivyalpha Legal ?

  • HTTP is responsible to ensure data safety.
  • Blacklisted search engines have not yet found this site.
  • All orders over $89 qualify for free shipping
  • This website encourages you to follow the fashion trends and have an outfit that can be worn for formal events, sports, and parties.
  • The official website clearly outlines all terms and conditions as well as policies.

Cons of Ivyalpha –

  • The store’s contact information is not available.
  • The owner’s details are not revealed.

Ivyalpha pros and cons can all be analyzed. For a better understanding, reviews should be discussed.

What is Ivyalpha Reviews

Websites need to have reviews in order to be successful. Based on our research, this website is still very new and we found no reviews. We are sad to report that the website lacks customer trust. This can be seen in the scores and rankings.

Ivyalpha still has a lot of work to do in order to build a brand and be a strong competitor in the online marketplace. Find out more about credit card fraud from this site.

Final verdict

At least, the website is currently questionable and controversial. Customers are advised to do their research before purchasing anything from this store. These scores answer the question Is Ivyalpha Legit. This website is not safe and we don’t recommend it.

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