To find out if it Is Kauliy Scam, Legit, or not, shoppers can review the entire article. This will give them a clear idea of the domain’s worthiness.

Are you looking to find a Halloween sale? This is a website that sells Halloween clothing. It is well-known by American buyers. However, buyers want to verify if it is a Kauliy scam or legit.

We will now examine the subject matter to determine its value. Continue reading the following content. can be registered as a valid domain-

  • This domain is 2 months and 2 days old. It was created 10/08/2022
  • Domain trust counts are 2 %
  • The developer will not list a valid mobile number or phone number.
  • The domain’s creator does not include any physical address for the store.
  • We didn’t track any social media logos, either on the official or other page.
  • The domain is now ranked #2633523 on the global search platform.
  • Are frequent purchasers’ Kauliy Reviews tracked? No
  • The domain name is not revealed by the development.
  • Each policy is explained on its own page.
  • We found a 14-day return policy.
  • Refunds are possible, but only after thorough inspection.

What’s, an e-commerce platform offering Halloween products, is the fastest. You can purchase Halloween hoodies and jackets, as well as bottoms, jackets, coats, bottoms, and t-shirts from the domain. You can choose from a variety of Halloween patterns to make your products stand out.

You can find a wide range of Halloween costumes here. However, you need to be aware of Is Kauliy Scam and Legit before investing even one penny.

Specification for

  • Type of domain- This domain is classified as the busy cloth industry.
  • All Halloween printed T-shirts and bottoms –
  • This domain was created on –10/08/2022
  • The domain will be deleted on-10/08/2023
  • Domain URL–
  • Email Id[email protected]
  • Call-up on – The contact number is not available
  • Official Address- This address is not listed on the domain
  • Transport strategy –7-15 days
  • Delivery terms It uses UPS and DHL to ship orders.

According To Kauliy Reviews , see its paybacks-

  • You can find a wide range of Halloween clothing on the domain.

Drawbacks to domain-

  • It is missing the physical address and contact number.


Poorly developed, the e-commerce domain lacks many details. Due to its lack of a social media page, we did not receive any reviews. It raises trust concerns, so you can read Learn About PayPal Scams.

The Conclusion –

Analysing Is Kauliy Scam and Legit showed that the site has two percent of the trust score. Read more about Credit Card Scams.

Do you have any stories of scamming in your life? We want to hear your stories.


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