The buyer can review the article to find out if it Is Scam and Legit before deciding whether or not to buy the domain.

Do you want branded shoes that will match your attire at the festival’s online portal. Stay with us, we have an online portal that has a wide selection of designer shoes and clothing.

Although the online portal was registered in the United Kingdom by, people are curious about whether it is a scam or legitimate. Let’s now examine its key points.

Is an authentic online site?

  • It is less than one year old and was registered on 5/04/2022.
  • It has a trust score of 1%, according to the analysis.
  • There is no telephone number to contact a store representative.
  • It is not possible to visit it in person because it does not have an official address.
  • We did not receive any icons for social media on its official page.
  • The Alexa rank for the online site was #9003179.
  • Is it possible to determine Review clients? No
  • It is not known who the owner of the vehicle is.
  • To read every policy, you can scroll through several pages.
  • We were given a 14-day return policy.
  • If the product is in its original condition, you’ll get a full refund. In case of damage, you’ll get a partial reimbursement.

What’s, an e-commerce website that sells branded shoes belonging to these brands, is Jorden, Adidas and Nike are just a few of the brands sells. You will find all the high-quality sneakers at a reasonable price on this site.

But, Is a Scam, Legit ?, . Here are its points to prove its trustworthiness.

Specification for –

  • It is the nature of the website-It belonged to the popular sneaker market.
  • A wide range of products- There is a large selection of high-quality branded sneakers.
  • Your online site is registered on –05 /04/2022
  • The online website will be less popular after05/04/2023
  • URL for online site –
  • Email Id-Not mentioned.
  • Contact number –not listed.
  • Save existing address-
  • Transport strategy –7-10 working days
  • Terms and conditions of transport- It usually uses DHL to ship orders.

Learn Reviews , and get your profit-

  • At one site, you can purchase a variety of branded shoes at a reasonable price.

Losses on the website-

  • The majority of the important details are missing.

Focused On Reviews-

This online store sells branded sneakers. It lacks many essential details, and its advertising strategy is affected by this. We didn’t receive any feedback. So to Learn About PayPal Scams.

The Final Assumption –

It is not a legit website. The trust score of is 1%. Similar results can be found here.

Do you have any experience with it? Please share your experiences.


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