You can get a good idea Are Parker and Rose Legit. Learn more by reading the article.

Are you looking to purchase a designer hat, bag, jewellery, or sunglasses? These products are available online from Parker and Rose. The virtual shop is well-known among Australia buyers. Many buyers are unaware of the legitimacy or whereabouts of this virtual store.

In this description, we search for and verify the main reports and data from the virtual store. We also attempt to determine Are Parker and Rose Legit, or a Scam. All inspections will be done via internet resources. Let’s first verify its legitimacy.

Is this site trusted?

  • The Domain’s Creation Time – The Domain was created on 25 June 2021.
  • The Domain’s Expiry Day- The expiry day is 25 June 2022. The domain expires in one and a half months.
  • Details About the Founder(s). Don’t ask for any information about the domain’s creator(s).
  • Website Trust Score – This trust score is very low. It is only 8 percent.
  • Score of Trust Index – It is approximately 100 percent.
  • Parker and Rose Reviews – We do not have any customer feedback.
  • Address– 4, Ronald Avenue Freshwater, New South Walsh 2096, Australia
  • The Phishing Score – This is a score of 8 percent out of 100.
  • Threat Score – This site has a threat score of just one percent.
  • The Website has a popularity score of 33699. This is a terrible popularity score.

These are some thoughts about the website. These methods won’t satisfy the website in the end. We cannot comment on the legitimacy or otherwise of the virtual shop. To determine if Is Parker & Rose Legit or fraud, we need additional information.

What do You Know About Parker and Rose?

This online store is something you need to know. Parker and Rose sells many items, including bags, sunglasses and jewellery. The products are modern and well-designed. Excellent designs are used in the production of these products.

You can see the prices of products. Some products are more expensive than others. We now need to reveal the primary data on the website.


  • Website Name– Parker and Rose
  • The URL of the Website–
  • Contact Details Contact information such as phone number, is not listed on the website. Are Parker and Rose Legit question growing?
  • The Email ID[email protected]
  • Name(s) of the Founding(s)- Search does not reveal the owner’s details.
  • Postal Address is listed on the site.
  • The Return policy is a policy that the company maintains for a period of sixty days.

The trusted website has verified all information. Are you able to understand the online store? We hope that you don’t have all the answers. We will then search for other data and reports to find the best results. Now, we will examine the positive and the negative aspects of the virtual shop.

The Positive points to prove Are Parker and Rose legitimate , or a scam?

  1. The domain uses the correct HTTPS protocols
  2. The website is active on social media platforms.
  3. The virtual store features a variety of products.
  4. Website has a great return policy.
  5. Buyers can choose from many products.
  6. Only four percent of 100 scored suspicious.
  7. One percent of 100 is Malware Score.
  8. Only two percent of the 100 are spam scores.

Negative Matters on the Website

  1. a) The conditional refund policy.
  2. b) The website does not include a phone number.

What do Parker and Rose Reviews Have to Say?

We attempted to get feedback from customers about the site via the official page. The problem is that the pages don’t open or are inactive. We tried to locate the other valid website so that we could find customer reviews. Unfortunately, no reviews were found.

Nowadays, it is vital to get the review of customers. The website does not have any customer feedback. You can check- How you can save yourself from the Paypal Scam.


We’ve checked all data and are sorry to say that the points cannot be understood Are Parker and Rose Legit or a scam? Our research shows that the online shop does not have sufficient data. This raises questions about the legitimacy of the online store.

We recommend to our readers that they choose legit websites for their online shopping. Or wait until it gets some genuine customer reviews on trusted review portals. You can also comment below to share your online shopping experience. Check out this article: How to Avoid Credit Card Scams.


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