This article discusses the viral video of Kebaya Merah – Full LK21. It also briefly discusses the video’s location.

Are you familiar with a recent video on kebaya merch? What is the content of this video? This video has already become viral on social media platforms. The video has already been viewed millions of times and people have reacted globally to it.

The video was also uploaded from a Bali hotel. It is home to one of Indonesia’s most Hindu-populated regions. Brick by brick, this article will cover the Kebaya Merah LK21.

What’s in the Video?

The description of the video is important. A woman was seen in a red kebaya. She entered an Indonesian hotel room. The woman wasn’t the only one. The woman was not alone. She was also carrying a suitcase and a male companion when she entered the hotel.

Many people are curious as to when the video was posted on social media. We found out that the video was intentionally recorded. It’s a 16-minute video. The content is inappropriate. This video is not suitable for viewing alone. You will find all the relevant social media links below under the headings.

The Video Is Viral On Twitter

According to our research, the video was uploaded to Twitter. We then check the Twitter account. We see the image below of the kebaya lady.

We have to delete accounts from Twitter that had suspended the video’s social media presence due to its poor content. Technical reasons mean that we won’t share the video link. You can still see the screenshot from the account. The image from this social media shows that the woman tried to open a door.

Tweets from VideoViral55

What about other social media?

This video was uploaded to Reddit ,also. This question is often asked by many people. We need to research Reddit’s account as well. We found the following information after doing extensive research. We found out that the video was posted on this account four days ago.

A platform also has a headline. It reads “Who is Wanita Kebaya? Merch”. It ended with a questionmark. The square box can be found on the right side.

We are unable to find images or videos due to technical issues.

Kebaya Merah Full-LK21 – What is it?

People are actually curious about the video. Millions of people followed the video and shared it on social media after it was posted. People want to learn more about this video.

Our research shows that the woman began the video as she entered the hotel room. When she entered the room, the woman was led astray. After a few seconds, she allowed the woman to enter the room. The video was also professionally made.

Additional Factor

Many people want to know if the video was uploaded on Telegram. This social media account is also checked. We also find a community of telegram users while looking at the Twitter account. We also checked this social media platform.

Technical reasons mean that we don’t always check the account. Many people confirmed that the video link was uploaded to this account. We even found the video link and image on TikTok.

It is now proven that the video is viral. The video is uploaded to many platforms and people view this .

Kebaya Merah Full LK21– Some Interesting Facts

Our research revealed that professional video editors edit the video. Many high-quality applications were also used in this video. Video editors also used Android apps and editing software. We are unable to share the video publically due to many factors.

Social Media Resources

Disclaimer: We do not support such content. The news is intended to be informative.


We’ve discussed all elements of the Kebaya Merah video . We tried to share all data and information regarding this viral video. This content is inappropriate. We cannot share the video link because of this.


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