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Are you interested in the latest viral scandal that occurred in November? Do you want to learn about viral social media stories? You should read the entire article if you are. This viral video has been shared Worldwide by people via social media platforms. Instantly, the video went viral.

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The Viral Video

Online, a viral video showing the minor couple circulated. They were discovered in a cemetery. Social media sites are sharing the link to the video. People are calling for strict action because of the indecent behaviour displayed in the video. Some people click the links to access the video. Two minors were caught in an intimate act and the video went viral. After watching the video, people began to criticize it. After their actions were posted online, the video went viral on TWITTER and other platforms. The video went viral in November.

How did this video become viral?

The couple’s acts were discovered by someone who uploaded the video to the internet. People began to search for the video and it quickly became a viral sensation. It is believed that the video was circulated in large parts of the country. However, the video link has been removed form the internet. It is not possible to find the original source. People continue to search for the video but it is not available.

Viral November 1st 2022

The viral video of the couple at the cemetery gained enormous popularity. The video was widely circulated because of the huge attention it received. Despite the virality of the video on social media platforms due to the intimate acts in the video, they have allowed access to it. According to reports, those accounts on social media were responsible for leaking the video. The video was not appropriate for children and those under 18 years old, so it has been removed from all social media platforms including Reddit.

Preventing the Circulation

Social media platforms took stringent actions to stop the spread of the scandal video after it became viral. Social media platforms removed the video and suspended accounts that were involved in the leakage of the video. The video showed two teens engaging in inappropriate behavior and has been criticized by many. People demand that laws be made against these types of activities in public places. These shameful acts are not tolerated by the public. Because the couple is minors, many people condemn their indecent act. Parents should be vigilant about their children’s safety. This video was also viral on Telegram.

The video was deleted from all social media platforms but the faces of the minor couple can still be seen in the leaked images.

The Content for the Video

Two minor couples were engaged in intimate activities, according to the video. Their faces showed that they were not 18 years old. People are asking questions about such activities. This video is inappropriate for children. The video was removed from social media platforms. After watching the New Viral November 1, 2022 , people are calling for strict action against such shameful acts.

Comments to the Video

When two minors were found involved in such activities, people reacted. These deplorable acts are being resisted by many. Even if they were grownups, their actions would still be acceptable. They have set a poor example for society and their children. Parents of minors like these should be cautious.


Administrative authorities must take strict action against any illegal activities in public places. These activities should be reported to the authorities. For more information, please visit this link

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Viral November 1st, 2022 FAQs

What platforms did the video circulate on?

Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter

What actions have social media platforms taken?

You can delete the video.

What was the intimate act between the couples?

In the cemetery

Who can view the video?

The 18-year-olds are those who have reached the age of 18.

How did the video go viral?

The video featured intimate acts between two minors.


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