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Medical professionals seek guidance at every stage of life. Especially when it comes to the EHR selection process, as it is a very delicate matter. The most in-demand healthcare platforms nowadays are NextGen Meditouch and Kareo Clinical EHR. These solutions tend to over 45 specialties and thus are compatible with the needs of thousands of practices. To help you decide between the two, here’s a NextGen EHR vs Kareo EHR comparison. 

NextGen EHR vs Kareo EMR: The Demo 

The demo comes next in this NextGen EHR vs Kareo EHR comparison guide. As the saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words ‘, seeing the solutions in action turns out to be helpful for practitioners. You should also schedule demos with NextGen Meditouch and Kareo EHR. Let’s explore the demo tutorials of NextGen EHR and Kareo EHR.

NextGen EMR Demo:

NextGen EMR offers a solid demo. NextGen EHR offers a detailed demo video packed with to-the-point care-driven insights. There are words about how the software takes the complexity out of clinical workflows. Besides that, the NextGen EHR demo gives viewers a glimpse of its cornerstone services. Even though it’s free of cost service but plays a magnificent role in helping clients reach a conclusive decision. You should schedule a demo with NextGen EMR to see what the vendor has packed for you. 

Kareo EMR Demo:

The Kareo EMR demo provides skillful insights about its functionalities so physicians can assess it easily. Also, the demo of Kareo EHR includes salient facts about how the system works under real-time circumstances. The demo of Kareo EHR is also lauded by the practitioners for it is very well detailed. In the user’s view, it plays a mind-changing game with well thought of word choice. In addition, the Kareo EMR demo is embellished with presentation skills that help compel the clients. Set up a demo with Kareo EHR to see it in action. 

NextGen EHR vs Kareo EMR: Price Analysis

Just exploring the features of medical solutions is not enough. The price range matters the most. In this regard, here we will evaluate the price structures in this NextGen EHR vs Kareo EHR comparison. 

NextGen EHR Pricing: 

NextGen being an elite EHR, offers detailed pricing structures. The NextGen EMR software provides the best overall pricing but has not disclosed the exact range.  But the reviews of NextGen EHR show that it is a client-oriented solution that falls within the budget range of practitioners. The two integral pricing packages of NextGen EMR are:

  • NextGen Office- The plan for small-scale practices paired with essential healthcare services. This pricing plan of NextGen EMR is equipped with all basic clinical functionalities like RCM and practice management services.
  • NextGen Enterprise– The plan for large-scale practices paired with advanced specs. This pricing plan of NextGen EHR is known for intuitive services like Mirth Connect, NextPen, etc., which add value to clinical services. 

The pricing details of these NextGen EHR plans can be requested by sending custom quotes. 

Kareo EMR Pricing:

Kareo EHR is best known for its cost-effective pricing packages. The vendor comes at a meager price which independent physicians can easily afford. All the pricing plans of Kareo EHR are designed on a customer-centric approach and thus work best for all-sized practices. 

The four pricing bundles of Kareo EMR are as follows:

Clinical Essential: It’s solely an EHR-specific bundle. 

Billing Essential: This plan is for handling the revenue stream of practices. 

Plus: The plus plan provides patient engagement services and billing tools. 

Pro: A complete solution to help practices grow at a fast pace. 

Keep in mind that the minimum price charged by Kareo EHR is $150 per month per user. Also, there are standard and low-volume subscription options. But the Clinical Essentials pricing package is only available in the standard subscription. You must send a quote to Kareo EHR to request its current pricing details for all bundles. 

NextGen EMR vs Kareo EMR Reviews: 

The next thing to explore in this NextGen EHR vs Kareo EHR comparison is the reviews of both solutions. The user feedback of Next Gen software and Kareo Clinical EHR is worth exploring. It’s the best way to gain insights into the benefits of these platforms. 

Next Gen Software Reviews:

Here’s what clinicians with prior experience say about the NextGen Meditouch solution. 

  • Clinicians highly recommend it and label it as the user’s first choice as it runs on an intuitive interface. 
  • NextGen EMR improves healthcare outcomes with upgraded virtual care services surpassing all care barriers. 
  • It streamlines clinical operations by eliminating the roadblocks so practitioners can touch the height of success. 
  • The Next Gen software roots for scalability and thus offers scalable services that grow with the growth of medical practices. 
  • The demo of NextGen EHR is of great significance. It gets practitioners halfway through by laying open everything for them. 
  • Small practices can’t find a better way to succeed, and NextGen EHR allows them to practice modern medicine at a minimal cost. 

Kareo EHR Reviews:

Kareo EMR holds an unprecedented position surrounded with a pool of positive reviews. Here’s what physicians say about Kareo EHR in the reviews:

  • The data exchange process is a breeze with Kareo EHR, as per the reviews. The vendor allows for encrypted data transmission.
  • Kareo EMR protects data confidentiality by providing controlled access to staff members. 
  • As per the reviews, Kareo EHR aims to help practices flourish by featuring growth-centered services. 
  • Also, the managed billing services of Kareo EHR are the center of attention of the reviews. Clinicians don’t get bored of praising it. 
  • Healthcare providers gain analytical insights into their performance level as Kareo Clinical EHR conducts thorough analytic reports with visual data representation. 
  • According to the Kareo EMR reviews, the vendor leaves no room for misinterpretation of data while creating prescriptions. 

Now is the time to end this NextGen EHR vs Kareo EHR guide. The fate of your practice is in your hands. It’s evident in this comparison that both these platforms are backed by endless user support. Therefore, you can rely on them to streamline your practice. Refer to us for getting our opinion by sharing your practice details, in case you can’t decide by yourself.


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