Chapter 1010 of the One Piece manga serie finally confirmed that Zoro did indeed possess Conqueror Haki. The fact that Zoro was able to summon Conqueror Haki was not so surprising. It is because Eiichiro Oda had long offered clues to this subject – leading to many theories and speculations.

Zoro to Luffy is like Rayleigh or Roger. He was a close crew figure. Rayleigh uses Conqueror Haki and it is possible that Zoro has the Haki as well.

As we have already mentioned, Zoro’s Conqueror Haki status is confirmation of what fans had previously suspected. Oda also gave hints for a while about this, mentioning Zoro’s “very powerful aura”, “killing intention”, and Zoro’s very strong “demonic atmosphere”.

Rayleigh stated that Conqueror Haki was “the power of conquer” and this is consistent with Monet’s fate, which was “killed,” by Zoro. Zoro gazed serious at Monet as Zoro approached him to attack him. This is interesting because these expressions and gazes correspond to what Conqueror Haki members usually do.

Urashima, sumo champion, attempts to kidnap Kiku. But he fails. Urashima felt Zoro’s horrible air. Zoro is a man of extraordinary willpower. He can even create an illusion that his body could multiply like a demon.

The Worst Generations were astonished at the unusual atmosphere created by Zoro’s murder. In chapter 997 Zoro became angry at Queen and said that he didn’t have any time to play the games and was too busy. This was the moment Queen was made to feel intimidated. Kaido on the other side was the one who caused the earthquake in Onigashima. He raised his island.

Many people believed the earthquake was caused Zoro’s Conqueror Haki. Brook also believed this. It may sound like a joke at the time, but we soon discover that it is not. This is interesting because it was believed that the earthquake was caused Zoro’s anger, and Conqueror Haki, which he had.

While there’s no proof yet, Zoro trying to control Enma so his sword doesn’t absorb Zoro’s Armament Haki is an indication that Zoro could be unconsciously using Conqueror Haki. Later, he was able “control” Enma. Fans also believe that Zoro uses Conqueror Haki of Logue Town to try to get Sandai kitetsu.

One Piece’s Databook also stated that Zoro has the same fighting strength as Luffy. But, he is drawn to Luffy’s trust and respect. Zoro may become the right-hand person of Rayleigh’s strongest pirate King. Zoro will achieve his dream of becoming the best swordsman.


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