This page is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the online store. You can decide if is a reliable and trustworthy company by reading our Pungrul review.

  • Domain
  • Website name: Pungrul
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: 442086385417
  • Name and address of the parent company: Meledo Company Limited 4/4a Bloomsbury Square London, United Kingdom WC1A2RP
  • Company number: 1136866
  • Categories of Products Available on its Website:Sandals and Rings
  • Its website lists the following products: Charming cottage playhouse, 60*120cm unframed hand-painted oil painting set Flower Tree canvas print decoration for home living room bedroom office art picture, Christmas Pompom decor plus size faux suede slouchy boots, San-X Jinbesan whale shark drawstring bag for lunch box KB7 and 50 PCS 8oz plastic food storage containers with lids-Restaurants Deli Cups etc.

Below we have listed a few facts about Pungrul. These include its pros and cons as well as whether it has complaints or not. This will allow you to learn more about the website.

  • On its website, you can find the Hypertext Transfer protocol Secure (HTTPS).
  • Users can find contact information on the website, including phone numbers and addresses.
  • The domain name of the website matches its name.
  • The domain name of the website and its email address are related.
  • Meledo Company Limited, the parent company, has a history of operating multiple scam sites of this type, including EasenewShop and Bushutopia.
  • This site is similar to many scam sites in that it lists a lot of products for unreasonably low prices.
  • The website does not have a social media icon.
  • The design and content of the website closely resembles those of scam sites.
  • Users have complained about similar sites.

The credibility of the Pungrul site is seriously questioned when you consider the above information. It is therefore prudent to classify it as a potential fraudulent website.

We acknowledge that the Pungrul site has some limitations, but we encourage you to add your thoughts, experiences and any other information below. Your contribution is valuable for broadening the conversation and providing a more comprehensive assessment of the website’s reliability and credibility. Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated, as they help others make informed decisions. Your participation in the discussion is greatly valued.

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