Assuming you’ve been explicitly searching for musical gangs that have a H in their title as the underlying letter, you’re on the right page. In this article, we’ll list musical gangs that beginning with H.

While it might appear to be that there may not be as many groups beginning with H, you’ll be amazed to realize that there are many groups ordering in various kinds of music spread across the world.

Whether you’ve some exploration happening around the point or you’re playing a game with your companions to see who thinks of additional groups beginning with H, your intriguing pursuit will get replied as we share probably the most noticeable pop-musical gangs that beginning with Hadouken, Happysad, HIM, and some more.

Peruse alongside the article as we investigate the rundown of remarkable musical crews that beginning with H alongside the overall data in regards to their individuals, year of arrangement, and the district they have a place with.

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Pop-Rock Bands That Start With H

Moving along, how about we make a plunge squarely into the sequentially requested rundown of the band names beginning with the letter H.

1. Lobby and Oates

Pop-Rock Bands That Start With H: Hall and Oates

Source: The Independent

Most popular for ‘Rich Girl’ and ‘Kiss on My List’ that bested the US Billboard Hot 100 diagrams, Hall and Oates accomplished significant acclaim during the ’80s.

Area: US

Individuals: Daryl Hall and John Oates

2. Ha-Ash

The sister-couple was recruited by Sony Music. A portion of the known hits of the Latin band incorporate ‘odio amarte’ and ‘te quedaste” from their most memorable collection named equivalent to their band.

Locale: Mexico

Individuals: Hanna Nicole Pérez Mosa and Ashley Grace Pérez Mosa

3. Hadouken!

The 2006-shaped band is known for their different various styles going from independent, dance-punk, electronic, and others. The band even shaped their own record mark named Surface Noise Records.

Locale: UK

Individuals: James Smith, Alice Spooner, Daniel Rice, Christopher Purcell, and Nick Rice

4. Fatigued

Shaped in Munich in ’89, the band covered various styles going from death metal to traditional renaissance music.

Locale: Germany

Individuals: Asis Nasseri, Susanne Ehlers, Veronika Kramheller, Fiffi Fuhrmann, Andreas Peschke, Steffi Hertz, Johannes Schleiermacher, Claudio Quarta, Hans Wolf, Luz Marsen, Ally, and Schummi

5. Halifax

A North American non mainstream band most popular for its at first delivered EP, ‘A Writer’s Reference.’ The EP was even reissued with the backing of Richard Reines and Stefanie Reines, organizers behind the Drive-Thru record name.

Area: US

Individuals: Chris Brandt, Adam Charles, Eric Ivener, and Tommy Guindon

6. Halloween

While there are a ton of groups with a similar name, we’re discussing ’84-shaped American weighty metal band.

Locale: US

Individuals: Brian Thomas, George Neal, Donny Allen, Billy Gray, and Rob Brug

7. Hammerfall

The 1993-framed Swedish band was most popular for arriving at the semi-finals of the ‘Rockslaget’ rivalry held in 1996.

Area: Sweden

Individuals: Joacim Cans, Oscar Dronjak, Stefan Elmgren, Magnus Rosén, and Anders Johansson

8. Lounger

Begun as a melodic venture between two writers, the ’04-framed band is one of the main instrumental music sensations from Tennessee.

District: US

Individuals: Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson

9. Attractive Boy Modeling School

The United States-based band delivered two CDs altogether – So… How’s Your Girl? also ‘White People’ in 1999 and 2004 separately.

District: US

Individuals: Dan Nakamura and Paul Huston

10. Attractive Furs

Framed in 2005, the Montreal-based non mainstream musical crew is known for the three collections they’ve delivered – ‘Plague Park’, ‘Face Control’ and ‘Sound Kapital’.

Area: Canada

Individuals: Dan Boeckner, and Alexei Perry

11. Hanoi Rocks

Pop-Rock Bands That Start With H: Hanoi Rocks

Source: Discogs

The ’79-shaped band was considered among the best Finnish musical crews of the 80s universally.

District: Finland

Individuals: Michael Monroe, Andy McCoy, Conny Bloom, Andy Christell, and George Atlagic

12. Hanson Happy Mondays

Among the two groups having a similar name, we’re discussing the Oklahoma-based pop-rock gathering of the Hanson siblings.

District: US

Individuals: Clarke Isaac Hanson, Jordan Taylor Hanson, and Zachary Walker Hanson

13. Happysad

Having played north of 150 shows, the Polish musical crew was shaped in ’94. The band’s most remarkable work incorporate collections, for example, ‘Wszystko jedno’ and ‘Podróże z I case prąd’

Locale: Poland

Individuals: Kuba Kawalec, Lukasz Ceglinski, Artur Telka, Jaroslaw Dubinski, and Daniel Pomorski

14. Hard-Fi

The English non mainstream band from Middlesex was shaped in 2003. The musical crew’s music style is propelled by Staines situated in the southwest of Central London.

District: UK

Individuals: Richard Archer, Ross Phillips, Kai Stephens, and Steve Kemp

15. No-nonsense Superstar

The 1997-framed Swedish band has delivered a ton of collections representing a complete number of 7. Starting from the presentation collection, the hard-rock band grabbed the eye of the Music for Nations mark..

Locale: UK

Individuals: Joakim Berg, Vic Zino, Martin Sandvik, and Magnus Andreasson

16. Hardfloor

The Berlin-based pair had recently worked under different monikers specifically Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk, Low Budget and Techno Trash. Most popular for their track ‘Acperience 1’, Hardfloor affected the Trance class during the 90s.

Locale: Germany

Individuals: Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker

17. Group of concubines Scarem

With two groups having a similar name, we’re discussing the Canadian musical crew shaped in 1987. Strangely, the band changed its name to Rubber in 1999 and renamed it back to the first name in 2001.

District: Canada

Individuals: Harry Hess, Pete Lesperance, Barry Donaghy, and Creighton Doane

18. Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger is one of the conspicuous musical crews hailing from Washington. Framed in 1992, the band made its leap forward with the hit single ‘Flagpole Sitta.’

Locale: US

Individuals: Sean Nelson, Jeff J. Lin, Aaron Huffman, Michael Welke, and Rob Knop

19. Scurry the Day

Up next we have a metalcore band with a Christian foundation. Named after the psalm ‘It Is Well with My Soul,’ the 2001-shaped Indianapolis-based band was endorsed to Solid State Records.

District: US

Individuals: Stephen Keech, Brennan Chaulk, and Michael Murphy

20. Hatebreed

Framed in 1994, the metalcore band from Connecticut has had a shift of individuals all through its presence. On the whole, the band has delivered around 8 studio collections.

Locale: US

Individuals: Jamey Jasta, Sean Martin, Frank Novinec, Chris Beattie, and Matt Byrne

21. Have Heart

Pop-Rock Bands That Start With H: Have Heart

Source: Bridge Nine Records

The Massachusetts-based bad-to-the-bone musical gang was framed in 2002. The band’s music style covers points going from mental self portrait and persistence to pacifism and implosion and some more.

Locale: US

Individuals: Patrick Flynn, Ryan Hudon, Key Yasui, Ryan Briggs, and Shawn Costa

22. Sell Nelson

The 2003-framed Ontario-based band had an autonomous run prior to being joined by Tooth and Nail Records name.

Locale: Canada

Individuals: Jason Dunn, Daniel Biro, Jonathan Steingard, and Aaron Tosti

23. Hawkwind

The ’69-shaped English musical crew from Ladbroke Grove has its melodic roots affected by any semblance of The Moody Blues, Steve Miller Band among others.

Locale: UK

Individuals: Dave Brock, Tim Blake, Richard Chadwick, Mr Dibs, and Niall Hone

24. Hawthorne Heights

Shaped in 2001, the Ohio-based band was endorsed by Victoria Records in 2003. The band gathered a tremendous MySpace following and is most popular for their hit song of praise ‘Ohio Is For Lovers.’

Locale: US

Individuals: JT Woodruff, Eron Bucciarelli, Casey Calvert, Micah Carli, Matt Ridenour

25. He Is Legend

With marks like Solid State Records and Tribunal Records, the North Carolina-based band made its leap forward in 2004. The most expected collection from the band was ‘I’m Hollywood’ delivered in November 2004.

Area: US

Individuals: Schuylar Croom, Adam Tanbouz, Worth Weaver, Matt Williams, and Steven Bache

26. Head Automatica

The electronic pop-musical gang was framed by the lead singer Daryl Palumbo. The NYC-based band delivered their presentation collection ‘Debauchery’ in 2004.

District: US

Individuals: Daryl Palumbo, Jessie Nelson, Jarvis Morgan Holden, Larry Gorman, Craig Bonich

27. Hear’Say

Made from iTV’s unscripted TV drama Popstars in 2001, the band was endorsed to the name Polydor Records. Their generally striking and effective single ‘Unadulterated and Simple’ broke records driving them to moment distinction.

Locale: UK

Individuals: Danny Foster, Myleene Klass, Kym Marsh, Suzanne Shaw, Noel Sullivan, and Johnny Shentall

28. Heart

The Seattle-based musical crew contains the couple of the Wilson sisters alongside rearranging individuals all through their whole run. Framed in 1970, Heart’s melodic impact goes from rock and metal to society music.

District: US

Individuals: Ann and Nancy Wilson

29. Paradise Sent

The most eminent collection from the Detroit-based young lady band, ‘Melodies Supreme’ delivered in 2003.

Locale: US

Individuals: Talesha Byrd, Samantha Rex, and La Chele Covington

30. Paradise Shall Burn

Shaped in 1996, the band from Saalfield has its music motivated by death metal. Among the 8 collections the band has delivered, ‘Blackball’ positioned #2 on the German Album Charts in 2013.

District: Germany

Individuals: Marcus Bischoff, Maik Weichert, Alexander Dietz, Eric Bischoff, and Matthias Voigt

31. Hedley

Pop-Rock Bands That Start With H: Hedley

Source: Georgia Straight

The pop-musical gang from Vancouver got its name from the town of ‘Hedley’ situated in British Columbia.

Area: Canada

Individuals: Jacob Hoggard, Tommy Mac, Dave Rosin, and Chris Crippin

32. Hi Saferide

Driven with delightful vocals of Annika Norlin, the Stockholm-based band was shaped after the arrival of her collection in particular ‘Presenting… Hello Saferide.’

Area: Sweden

Individuals: Annika Norlin, Andreas Söderlund, Maia Hirasawa, Fredrik Hultgren, Jens Lagergren

33. Hellogoodbye

Framed in the Californian Huntington ocean side in 2001, the pop band endorsed by Drive-Thru Records is associated with their deafening outfits that made them stand apart from different groups.

District: US

Individuals: Forrest Kline, Jesse Kurvink, Marcus Cole, and Chris Profeta

34. Helloween

The speed metal band from Hamburg was framed in 1978. The band is most popular for their development of the power metal melodic classification.

Locale: Germany

Individuals: Andi Deris, Michael Weikath, Sascha Gerstner, Markus Grosskopf, and Daniel Löble

35. Protective cap

The musical crew from New York City at first endorsed by the Ampthetamine Reptile Records later endorsed to Interscope Records under which the band had its leap forward of progress and distinction.

Area: US

Individuals: Page Hamilton, Jimmy Thompson, Jon Fuller, and Kyle Stevenson

36. Hercules and Love Affair

The NYC-based melodic task was shaped by DJ Andy Butler in 2007. The band endorsed to DFA Records delivered their presentation collection with title-name got positive gathering and, surprisingly, diagrammed as top 40 collections in numerous nations.

District: US

Individuals: Andy Butler, Kim Ann Foxman, Mark Pistel, Aerea Negrot, and Shaun Wright

37. Héroes Del Silencio

Alluded in some cases as just ‘Héroes,’ the Spanish musical crew was shaped in 1987 by Juan Valdivia. The band had an extraordinary 10-year run prior to choosing to separate in 1997.

District: Spain

Individuals: Enrique Bunbury, Juan Valdivia, Alan Boguslavsky, Joaquin Cardiel and Pedro Andreu

38. Hello

With a sum of four melodic gatherings with a similar name, we’re taking a gander at the Szczecin-based Polish band framed in 1992. The band’s melodic roots have weighty metal impacts.

District: Poland

Individuals: Katarzyna Nosowska, Pawel Krawczyk, Marcin Zabielowicz, Jacek Chrzanowski, and Robert Ligiewicz

39. Hello Monday

Framed in 2007, the Florida-based pop-musical gang had its name change from Blake to the ongoing title of Hey Monday not long before the arrival of the presentation collection in August 2008.

District: US

Individuals: Cassadee Pope, Mike Gentile, Jersey Moriarty, Alex Lipshaw, and Elliot James

40. Hello there 5

With no less than five melodic tasks with a similar name, we’re alluding to the Australian-based youngsters’ band shaped in 1998.

Area: Australia

Individuals: Stevie Nicholson, Casey Burgess, Lauren Brant, Fely Irvine, and Tim Maddren

41. Hieroglyphics

Pop-Rock Bands That Start With H: Hieroglyphics

Source: Tahoe Dailly Tribune

Frequently alluded to as The Hieroglyphics Crew or Hiero, the California-based 90’s band contains underground hip-jump rappers.

District: US

Individuals: Jon Owens, Teren Delvon Jones, Damian Siguenza, P. Peacock Love, Adam Carter, Opio Lindsey, Tajai Massey, Damani Thompson, and Touré

42. Grandiose Color

Endorsed to Sony Music Entertainment (2003-2008) and afterward to pice Records (2009-2010), the Okinawa-based band is one of the most perceived Japanese stone gatherings.

District: Japan

Individuals: Yusuke, Kazuto, Meg, Mackaz, and Sassy

43. HIM

The 1991-framed Finnish band ‘His Infernal Majesty’ debanded in ’93 and returned as the now-known HIM in 1995. The transformed gothic stone gathering delivered its introduction collection ‘Most prominent Lovesongs Vol. 666’ in 1997.

District: Finland

Individuals: Ville, Burton, Linde, Migè, and Gas

44. Thwart

Motivated by the 90s post-grit period music, the Oklahoma-based hard rock band was shaped in 2001. The band’s music even has underlying foundations of 80s glitz metal widely praised to be affected by Guns n’ Roses.

Locale: US

Individuals: Austin Winkler, Joe Garvey, Mike Rodden, Mark King, and Cody Hanson

45. Stir things up around town

Having delivered four studio collections specifically ‘This Is A Stick Up… Don’t Make It A Murder’, ‘Play hooky, Start Fights’; ‘Invicta’ and ‘Summer Bones,’ the Ohio-based punk band sold over 120K collection duplicates across North America.

District: US

Individuals: Nick Thompson, Omar Zehery, Kevin Mahoney, David Bermosk, and Nathan Van Dame

46. Hocico

Hailing from Mexico City, the dull electro band was shaped in 1993. With a six-legged insect logo, the band’s music has the impact of dim electronica.

District: Mexico

Individuals: Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam

47. Hollywood Undead

With their beginnings tracing all the way back to ‘The Kids’ melody, the California-based rap and musical crew was shaped in 2005.

Area: US

Individuals: Tha Producer, Da Kurlzz, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny Man, and The Server

48. Hombres G

With its title name in view of the American film, G-Men, the pop-musical crew from Madrid is most popular for the hit melody ‘Devuelveme A Mi Chica.’

Area: Spain

Individuals: Davis Summers Rodríguez, Rafael Gutierrez Muñoz, Daniel Mezquita Hardy, y Francisco Javier de Molina

49. Hootie and The Blowfish

The 1986-framed musical crew hailing from South Carolina has delivered 5 collections specifically ‘Broke Rear View’, ‘Fairweather Johnson’, ‘A game of seat juggling’, ‘Hootie and The Blowfish’ and ‘Searching for Lucky.’

Locale: US

Individuals: Darius Rucker, Mark Bryan, Jim Sonefeld, and Dean Felber

50. Place of Pain

Having delivered 3 collections over the initial segment of the 90s, the hip-bounce band is most popular for the hit single ‘Hop Around’ from 1992.

Locale: US

Individuals: Everlast, DJ Lethal, and Danny Boy

51. Hurt

Pop-Rock Bands That Start With H: Hurt

Source: Wikipedia

With two specialists under a similar name, we’re taking a gander at the Virginia-based musical crew that was framed in 2000.

District: US

Individuals: J. Loren Wince, Paul Spatola, Michael Roberts, Rek Mohr, and Victor Ribas

52. Mixture

From north of 6 distinct melodic activities, we’re discussing the most famous team taking care of LPs including Wide Angle, Morning Sci-Fi, I Choose Noise; and Disappear Here.

Locale: UK

Individuals: Mike Truman and Chris Healings

53. Lip service

Shaped in 1990, the passing metal band’s future was laid out a plan with their most memorable demo recording by the lead performer – Peter Tägtgren.

Locale: Sweden

Individuals: Peter Tägtgren, Mikael Hedlund, and Reidar Horghagen

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