“We have common enemies.. we have these in common..we have a Common oppressor, a Common ExploiterAnd a Common Dis-discriminator.

Then we unite” -] Malcolm X[Schoolly D]Yeah. Education of a black person, and his peopleGather Round SchoolBlack minds, black rights, and black fightsSupernatural, black man, my black mightSome say rap is crazy.I say I’m glad I had thisUrgeA dope beat, and super dope poemSit down and get a slap in he domeYeah that’s SchoolRap – uh-huh that’s mineLove – for my brotherBlack baby.

I’m a black man

“I can use the same procedure as you to solve your problem. It’s been done. All the nations joined forcesThey were dark nations, and not for the caucausiansSome will do this.

Some of them will be “interesting”[Schoolly D]Some wanna stifle me, some want to rock meOn stage, son, code money my manYou hear the freeze*scratchin* Give me speed and speed is what your needBut I won’t ever give up on you because greed is for the devil and not for a rebelI’m like school. I’ll set you on a higher levelSome say I’m American

Baby, be a black man.

Education of a black man

Uh-huh School, that is my nameRap. uh-huh? That’s my gameLove. Feel for my brother

Black is my color baby!

“These, evil geniuses did not have nuclear weapons. They didn’t own jet planes. The white man does have the same power. But they did have?

Let’s agree on this one.

Education of a black man


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