Do you remember the 2015 viral photo of Selena Green Vargas and a handsome soldier in an Army uniform? He posted the photo to 4Chan and asked for the audience’s opinion. Selena Vargas appeared to vanish shortly after the incident.

Who is Selena Green Vargas and what are her responsibilities?

She was born in Bellflower (California), United States on 19th July 1990. There are many mysteries all around the globe, and Selena Vargas’s story is just one. She would probably still be a p**n star if she had her performance.

Her body measurement and appearance

Before we get into the juicy gossips, let us first understand Selena Vargas’ appearance.

  • Height 5ft 6in (167cm)
  • Weighs 56 kg (120 lbs).
  • Age 31 years
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer.
  • Body measurements: 36-30-40-38 inches
  • Eye Colour – Brown
  • Hair colour: Blonde
  • Shoe size : 5US
  • Dress size 9US
  • Type: A slim figure

The viral photo is controversial

The internet was rocked by a viral photograph of Selena Vargas with a handsome male in a US Army uniform in 2015. The photo was uploaded by the man to 4Chan where he asked for feedback from the audience. Many people began to assume that the girl in his photo was an adult star, and that she has been lying about her profession. The truth is not out there. Many believe this was just a publicity stunt. However, we are not sure where Selena Vargas is at the moment. She disappeared from all social media after her viral photo.

Although different people might have different assumptions, there is still an Instagram account under her name with a biography “Before I judge you, make sure that you’re perfect.” is written and linked to a private TikTok. Selena appears to be trying low her professional and personal lives. Despite all the chaos, many people claim that she is still working under her original name as an adult star. We wish Selena Vargas would come forward for her fans. Her fans are missing her so much that they want her to continue working as an adult star.


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