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Do you know that Shanquella Robinson died in Mexico? Are you aware of the circumstances that led to her death? The young lady belonged to the United States and was killed by her friend. The following article contains all details about the death.

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What do you think about Shanquella Robinson’s fight video?

Shanquella Robinson, a young entrepreneur, was 25 years old. The Villa of Mexico friend who was with her beat the girl brutally. In a fight she couldn’t defend herself, the youngster lost her life.

Shanquella Robinson’s friend recorded the video. Friends say Shanquella was drinking at the time of the attack. An autopsy revealed that Shanquella’s neck and spine were broken.

To prove the autopsy report, there is an Full Vid Viral on Instagram. Shanquella’s attack video shocked the entire world.

What was the actual incident in Mexico?

Shanquella Robinson traveled to Cabo, Mexico with other friends. She was at a friend’s birthday celebration in Cabo. Khalil, her best friend, was invited to spend the night with them.

Salmondra, mother to Shanquella, claimed she spoke with her daughter the night before Shanquella’s death. This sad event took place on October 29, 2022. The sad incident was recorded by her friend and went viral on twitter.

What was Salmondra saying?

Salmondra said that her child had mentioned she was having dinner at the party, and she wished her a good night. After seeing the video, Shanquella’s parents were in tears and called the FBI of Charlotte to report the attackers.

Shanquella’s friend called her parents that night, claiming Shanquella had consumed poisoned liquor. She died before doctors could revive her. An autopsy on the body revealed the truth later.

Truth was that the girl died from a brutal beating and her spine and neck were broken. The graphic on Redditclearly demonstrates the cruel act of her friends. The offenders have not been arrested to date.

Shanquella Robinson’s video shows the laughter of her friends after she beat her to death. Shanquella was killed in Mexico with five of her closest friends, as well as Khalil, her best friend. The video contains brutal and horrific acts.

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