Below is the latest Shaquella Robinson Update.

Do you want the most recent information on the Shaquella Robinson case? Are the police continuing their investigation? Is the suspect going to be arrested? The mystery surrounding this murder case is a lot because there was no eyewitness and her friends kept the truth and facts a secret. Everyone around the world wants to know what happened behind this crime.

People Worldwide want to know if there was a plot or a murder, why it happened, and details about Shaquella Robin Update and the murder case.

What caused Shaquella Robinson to die?

According to an autopsy report, Shaquella Robinson’s final cause of death was her fractured neck. The police looked into the matter and discovered photos and videos. It was evident that Robinson and Jackson had a physical altercation in that photo.

These photos show that Robinson was asking for mercy on her knees. Robinson was also unclothed and had several scars on her faces. Robinson’s death was attributed to poisoning and over-consumption, but her friends said that there was no evidence.

Are Charlotte NC authorities organizing Shaquella Robinson’s Obituary?

Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year old woman, died while on a trip to Mexico with her friends. She was transported by horse-drawn carriage from her home to Macedonia Baptist Church where she attended the celebration of her life. At the celebration, her beloved one wore pink pins and bracelets that included her photo.

Robinsons’ family friend Danny Griffin said that Robinsons will always remember her as a sweet, kind-hearted little girl. The family and close Friends to Shaquella Robinson remember her.

Is Shaquella Robinson married?

Shaquille Robinson, a 25-year old woman, died after she had married.

A short story about Shaquella Robinson’s passing

Robinson traveled with six of her friends on a trip to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, to celebrate one their birthdays. Robinson was not there when she returned from the trip on 28 October.

In less than 24 hours, her friends informed the friend that she had died. Although her friend claimed that she had died from liquor poisoning, her family refused to accept this news and the reason for her death.

The police filed a complaint. They found multiple injuries to her spinal cord and atlas, which was the cause of her death. An autopsy report found that there was a 15-minute gap between her injuries, and her death.

The investigation revealed that she was also unconscious in the villa’s living area. She was later declared dead at 3:00 p.m. The investigation into Shaquella Robinson’s murder is ongoing.

Who Is She- A quick Wikipedia?

NameShaquella Robinson
Suspect NameDaejanae Jackson
Died OnUnknown
Cause of deathMultiple injuries to her spine cord and atlas.
ProfessionBusiness Women
ResidenceCharlotte, North Carolina
Net worth$5 Million per annum
Age25 year

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Final Verdict

Shaquille Robinson was killed while on a trip with six of her friends to Mexico. Her friends claimed that she died from poisoning or excessive alcohol consumption. After an investigation by police, it was determined that she died from multiple injuries to her spine and atlas. The investigation is ongoing.


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