The Starbuck Coffee Scam article will show you how Starbucks misleads customers with different sizes of their cups.

Are you curious to learn how Starbuck scams you? Are you a fan of the venti-latte or large size latte from Starbucks instead of ordering a small, medium or large one? The history of Starbucks cups in size has been long and distinguished in both the Malaysia and the United States.

You can get more than you bargained for from Starbucks when you order larger cups. It might be hard to determine the exact size of the Starbucks cups you receive, and what proportions they are like. To learn more about this scam, read Starbuck Coffee Scam.

What’s the Scam?

Many viral videos have been posted to Twitter. One video received nearly ten millions views in just two days. A grande cup can hold the same amount liquid as a Starbucks Venti cup, but with the same amount ice. It is not obvious to everyone, even though science and ice may have made it so.

They are smaller and can hold less. Venti should not be filled beyond the rim. They will only give you 15-16 ounces.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Scam – Sizes of Starbucks coffee cups

Starbucks’ largest cup size is the Trenta. It is available only for tea drinks and iced coffee. Trenta, an Italian word meaning “thirty”, is a Trenta iced espresso. It contains 360 milligrammes caffeine. This is equivalent to five cappuccino shots.

  1. Trenta (31 oz)
  2. Venti (20 oz)
  3. Grande is 16 oz
  4. Tall (12 oz).
  5. Shorts (8 oz.
  6. Demi (3 oz)

These are the cups available at Starbucks. However, there are several videos that claim the volume of the liquid in the grande or venti cups is identical. It’s also known as the ” Starbucks Cup Size Scam“.

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About Starbucks

Starbucks coffee chain has shops at almost every corner of the globe. They have a well-known logo as well as their distinctive Starbucks aroma. It’s rare to find a company that boasts a distinctive aroma. Starbucks has grown from a coffee shop to become a global giant, whose distinctive characteristics have been recognized by millions of people around the world since 1971.

Final Thoughts on Starbuck Coffee Scam

The article explains that Starbucks cups have a long, and well-known history. Starbucks cups can offer more than you might expect. With tall venti or grande sizes, it can be difficult to know what size you are getting and how much. You can find videos on YouTube that show how to get the exact amount in both a grande or venti.

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