We are pleased to present our Structuref review. You’ve found the right place if you want to know if a Structuref.com website is a trustworthy one or a fraudster. This site has been thoroughly analyzed to assist you in making an informed decision. Let’s start and find out the truth.

  • Domain Name:Structuref.com
  • Website Name:Structure
  • Email: support@structuref .com
  • Name and Address of the Parent Company: Landbase Trading Co., Ltd., 146a Whitchurch Road Cardiff, Wales CF143NA
  • Categories of Products Available on its Website: All products, all collections
  • The following products are listed on its website: Cushioned Car Seat cover, Waterproof Garden Fireworks Lamps, 2 in 1 Dumpling Makers, Car Armrest Storage Boxes, Car Body Dents Remover Puller Cups. Firewood Drill bit Set, Screen Magnifier, 2023 Latest Version, Efficient universal Drill bits (5 pcs), Short sleeve printed crew neck summer top, Easily stand mixer mat, Urniture Lift Mover

This is an online store that claims to sell the products listed above. There are many things to know about this store before you choose it as your online shopping destination.

The name of the parent company of this online shop, LANDBASE TRADE CO., LTD. is a warning sign, as it has been linked with a number of questionable and shady sites, such as Emphasizet. Gorgeousella. Buletboard. Civetocat. Winterzation. Wholesome-Mix. Smily-Lerdsma. Sore-Tales. You get the idea.

Note: To avoid being caught, these scammers may change the name of their parent company and its address.

The oldest trick is to offer super-discounted prices in order to entice unsuspecting customers. Don’t be deceived by these fake deals, people! They are often as fake as three-dollar bills.

Structuref The website’s design and content appear to have been copied and pasted directly from other dubious websites. Guys, try to at least be original. Nobody likes copycats, which are also found on other shady websites.

This website’s “About Us page” is similar to other fraudulent websites.

Their social media icons are about as reliable as a fox protecting the henhouse. They take us on an errand to the homepages of social media sites instead of taking us to their social media pages that are related to business. We’re not fooled by Structuref.

Use of fake trust seal logos such as McAfee and Norton on Product Detail Pages of the Website indicates an inadequacy of security measures. Customers who make purchases through the website may have their financial and personal information compromised, including their credit card numbers.

Previous customers who shopped online at similar stores reported being dissatisfied with the long delivery times, bad customer service, and poor post-purchase services.

On the basis of these facts, we can conclude that Structuref is an online store with a suspect reputation.

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Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have anything to say about this company. Please feel free to also share this review on your social media to let your family and friends know about this online store.

Many new online shops are now claiming to offer huge discounts on a variety of items, but they are all scams. It’s best to avoid the new online shops or to do some research prior to purchasing anything from them. Most of these online stores will not deliver the items purchased to their customers or they may deliver items that are completely different or low quality. Some scam online shops have even charged clients’ credit cards randomly, without their consent. If you’ve ever made a mistaken purchase from a scam site, you should immediately contact your credit card or bank to protect your information.


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