Find out more about Ted Bundy’s victims and how he committed the crime. Learn Ted Bundy Real Pictures.

Did you know Ted Bundy, a serial killer in the United States, confessed to killing 30 victims? Did you know that the expected number of his victims was higher and is still unknown? Ted Bundy spent most of his childhood at the home of his grandparents. He was just 27 years old when he began his career in crime.

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Ted Bundy’s

Theodore Robert Cowell was the son of Eleanor Louise Cowell and his mother. His father’s identity is not known. He was a handsome, well-dressed man who worked as an assistant director at the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission (DES).

According to sources, he used kidnap and physically assault his victims, murder them, make them unconscious and bury them until decomposition. He also used corpses to sodomize, mumify and sodomize them before handcuffing them.

He confessed his first murder in Seattle in 1972, and his second in 1973. These were some Ted Bundy Polaroid Pictures.

Lists of victims:

  1. 4th-January-1974, Karen Sparks (survived).
  2. 12th March 1974, Donna Gail Manson followed by one victim vanishing each month.
  3. 17th-April-1974, Susan Elaine Rancourt,
  4. 6th May 1974, Roberta Kathleen Parks
  5. 1st-June-1974, Brenda Carol Ball,
  6. 11th-June-1974, Georgann Hawkins,
  7. 14-July-1974 Janice Anne Ott, and Denise Marie Naslund
  8. 2nd September 1974, unidentified hitchhiker
  9. 2nd October 1974, Nancy Wilcox
  10. 18th October 1974, Melissa Anne Smith
  11. 31st-October-1974, Laura Ann Aime,
  12. 8th November 1974, Carol DaRonch, Debra Jean Kent
  13. 12th-January-1975, Caryn Eileen Campbell,
  14. 15-March-1975 Julie Cunningham
  15. 6th-April-1975, Denise Lynn Oliverson,
  16. Lynette Dawn Culver, 6th May 1975
  17. 28th June 1975, Susan Curtis
  18. 15th January 1978: Margaret Elizabeth Bowman and Lisa Levy, Karen Chandler, Kathy Kleiner and Cheryl Thomas.
  19. 9th February 1978: Kimberly Dianne Leach

Other Ted Bundy Pictures Of Victims :

  1. Ann Marie Burr,
  2. Lisa E. Wick,
  3. Lonnie Ree Trumbull
  4. Susan Margarite Davis
  5. Elizabeth Perry,
  6. Rita Patricia Curran,
  7. Joyce LePage,
  8. Rita Lorraine Jolly
  9. Katherine Merry Devine
  10. Sandra Jean Weaver,
  11. Melanie Suzanne Cooley,
  12. Shelley Kay Robertson
  13. Nancy Perry Baird
  14. Debbie Smith.


According to sources, Ted Bundy targeted young girls between 26 and 26 years old. To transport the victims, he used his Volkswagen Beetle car with no front passenger seat. Bob Hayward, a Utah Highway Patrol Officer, discovered two ski masks and handcuffs. He also had a crowbar. Trash bags, a crowbar. A crowbar, trash bags. An ice pick, a coil rope and other burglary tools. Ted Hayward was arrested on 16-August-1975. He was once released from prison, but was later remanded.

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