The American Sitcom Friends needs no presentation! The show’s most memorable episode broadcasted in 1994 and immediately turned into a fan #1. It massively affected everybody. Over a course of 10 years, the show celebrated numerous celebrations. We see Friends observing Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Halloween, thus numerous different celebrations. At any point in any case, do we see them observing Easter? Are there any FRIENDS Easter episodes?

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Companions was a clique show. Allow me to address myself here. Companions is a clique show! It was delivered in a time when there were no cell phones or web. The composition of the show rises above time and presently, the show is being found by additional individuals than at any other time! Thus, let me assist you with finding the Friends Easter episodes!

Easter is around the bend. On the off chance that you have no plans, trust me you can gorge on Friends! This show never turns out badly. This show has everything. From the best composition to the best characters! There is no single episode that is dull. So in the event that you have never watched Friends, you are passing up a great deal! For what reason don’t we start now, and let me let you know a portion of the Friends Easter episodes!

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The Best of Friends Easter Episode!

The show Friends ran for a time of 10 years. We have seen the characters on the show celebrate such countless celebrations together. The Friends characters were significantly seen observing Thanksgiving. It is a significant celebration celebrated in practically all seasons.

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In any case, it might come as shock to you that over a time of 10 years, the show has never broadcasted any Easter Episode. Indeed!… Not a Single Easter Episode!

There are, notwithstanding, a few episodes where we see a reference to Easter. These references are unobtrusive to such an extent that many will undoubtedly miss them. Allow me to let you know a portion of the Friends Easter Episodes, or you can say, Friends episodes with a smidgen of Easter in them!

1. The One With The Holiday Armadillo | Season 7, Episode 10

I know, I know… this is certainly not an Easter episode! In any case, what you would have missed is likely two unpretentious Easter references in this Episode. This is one of Friends’ best Christmas episodes.

This Christmas, Ross needs to show his child, Ben about their Jewish legacy. He is worried that Ben may be presented to Christian practices and disregard his underlying foundations. Ross chooses to take on the appearance of an Armadillo when he was unable to organize a Santa ensemble. Along these lines, he figures he would have the option to show Ben Hanukkah.

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Companions Easter Episodes

What follows next is a progression of tomfoolery and odd occasions. From Chandler dressed as Santa and removing all the regard for Joey dressed as Superman. There is an excess of tumult! In any case, all that closures well and Ross recounts to Ben the account of Hanukkah. Everybody then, at that point, gets up to light the Hanukkah candles.

This is when Pheobe and Rachel enter. Rachel comments, ” Wow, it seems to be the Easter Bunny’s burial service in here.”

To this Pheobe answers, “I comprehend the reason why Superman is here, yet why would that be a porcupine at the Easter Bunny’s burial service?”

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2. The One With The Halloween Party | Season 8, Episode 6

The Friends’ all’s Halloween episodes are insane fun yet this one gets everyone’s attention. It would be putting it mildly to call it one of the Friends’ Best Halloween episodes.

This Halloween, Monica, and Chandler choose to set up an ensemble party. Everybody comes dressed as various characters. Monica is Catwoman, Phoebe is Supegirl. Rachel dresses as “a ton of “a lady cash on a dress and needs to wear it since she before long will not have the option to squeeze into it.” Ross is dressed as “Spud-nik.”

What interests us the most is Chandler’s ensemble. He is dressed as a pink bunny on the grounds that Monica couldn’t find the outfit of the Velveteen Rabbit. I know..not all hares are Easter rabbits! However, Hey!.. Presently rather than the Velveteen Rabbit (that is brown and white in variety), he seems to be an Easter rabbit!

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Wrapping Up

Companions isn’t simply a show. It is an inclination. On the off chance that you have not watched Friends ever, you can begin from any episode. There is no such thing as a solitary episode that will make you go gaga for this show. The episodes are all insanely amusing and you will cherish them!

This Easter, invest energy with your friends and family and marathon watch Friends easter episodes together! Do allow me to know about which episode is your number one in the remarks!


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