A party cruise in Riviera Maya is a great way to celebrate a special occasion with your friends. However, if you’re looking for something different from the usual night out on the town, consider joining one of these epic booze cruises!

Looking to party it up with your friends this summer? Why not take a party cruise? There are plenty of options out there, and we’ve researched the best of the best. Here are five of the best party cruises for hitting the bier with your buddies: 

1. Bavaria Bay Cruise: This cruise is perfect for beer lovers! You’ll leave Miami and travel to different Caribbean islands where you can enjoy lots of Bavarian-style beer and food. The cruise has a variety of activities, like brewery tours and pub crawl races. 

2. Norwegian Getaway: This cruise offers a variety of activities, including visits to local breweries, wine tastings, and a chance to learn how to make traditional Norwegian fare like smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). There’s also live music and plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with other passengers. 

Types of Booze Cruises

One of the great things about cruising is that you can enjoy a variety of drinks with your friends without ever having to leave the ship. There are several types of booze cruises you can take advantage of: 

Beer Cruise: This type of cruise revolves around sampling different types of beer from all over the world. You’ll likely stop at several breweries, so it’s a great way to learn about different styles and taste some phenomenal beers.

Wine Cruise: If you love wine, then a wine cruise is definitely for you. You’ll get to taste different wines from all over the world, as well as learn about the different grape varieties and how they are produced. You might also get to stop at some wineries on your cruise, which is always a fun experience.

Sherry Cruise: A sherry cruise is perfect for those who love drinking sweetened wine. You’ll have a chance to try many different types of sherries, as well as learn about their history and how they are made.

Rum Cruise: For those who love feeling rum-happy, a rum cruise is a perfect option. You’ll get to try various rums from all

If you’re looking for an alcohol-fueled getaway with friends, a booze cruise may be the perfect solution. These cruises typically sail around popular Caribbean and Mediterranean destinations and offer guests a variety of options when it comes to drinks. From classic cocktails to rare craft beers, there’s sure to be something for everyone on a booze cruise. Here are the types of booze cruises in Riviera Maya you might want to consider: 

Beer Cruise: If you’re a beer lover, a beer cruise is definitely the trip for you. These cruises typically feature dozens of different types of beers from all over the world, so you can sample something new every time you dock. You can also expect live music and plenty of opportunities to socialize with your fellow passengers. 

Wine Cruise: Wine lovers will love a wine cruise because there are usually dozens of different types of wines available to drink. You can also expect live music and food tastings from onboard chefs. Some wine cruises also include optional tours of wineries, so you can learn more about the wine-making process firsthand. 

 Spirits Cruise: If you’re looking for something a little more decadent than beer or wine, a spirits cruise is perfect for

Pros and Cons of a Booze Cruise

A booze cruise is a great way to spend a weekend with friends. There are plenty of pros and cons to consider before booking one, so it’s important to do your research first. Here are the top five pros and five cons of a booze cruise.


-You can hit the bier with your friends without having to worry about driving or parking!

-There’s usually plenty of entertainment on board, so you won’t get bored.

-The food is usually good, so you won’t have to worry about eating junk food all weekend.

-You can save a lot of money by taking a booze cruise compared to going out to bars in different cities.


-If you’re prone to getting drunk, a booze cruise may not be the best option for you. You’ll be surrounded by alcohol all weekend long, and it may be hard to avoid drinking.

-Some cruises are more rowdy than others, so if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation this might not be the best option for you.

-You’ll likely pay more for a booze cruise than you would for drinks at bars in different cities.

What to Bring on a Booze Cruise?

If you’re looking for a party cruise that will pack a punch, look no further than the Bier Cruise. Whether you’re a beer lover or not, this three-day voyage is sure to please. Here are some essentials to bring on your Bier Cruise:

-Beer: The best way to enjoy a booze cruise is with plenty of cold, delicious beer. Bring enough for everyone on board!

-Wine: If beer isn’t your thing, bring along some wine for the adults and water for the kids (or adults). It’s always good to have options.

-Snacks: This isn’t a cruise for vegetarians or vegans, so pack snacks like cheese and crackers, fruits, and veggies. You won’t regret it!

-Laughter: No matter how sober you are, a trip on the ocean will make you laugh. Bring along your favorite comedy albums and see if anyone has any funny tapes they can lend you.

-Sunscreen: Even though it’s summertime in most areas of the world, there’s still a chance of getting sunburned.

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Style For A Booze Cruise

What are the best men’s style tips for a booze cruise? Drinking on a boat can be tons of fun, but you need to be prepared with the right look. Here are our top tips for dressing like a pro while cruising: 

-Dress for the climate. The weather on a booze cruise can be hot and humid, so make sure your wardrobe is fitted for sweltering conditions. Bring a light jacket and shorts for when it starts to cool down at night. 

-Grab some versatile pieces. Instead of opting for one signature piece, mix and match different pieces from your closet to create an outfit that works for any occasion. This way you’re sure to have something to wear on shore as well! 

-Think vintage. It’s always nice to go back to classic styles, and booze cruises are no exception. Opt for oversized tees, v-neck sweaters, and denim jeans to give your look a bit of edge. And don’t forget your sunglasses – they’ll come in handy when you’re trying not to get too barreled over by the other guests!


One of the best things about cruising is that you can drink all night long without ever having to leave your comfortable cabin. From classic mixed drinks to exotic concoctions, these five cocktails will have your friends smashing mugs with gusto.

The Margarita

A classic margarita is always a crowd pleaser. This drink is made by combining tequila, lime juice, and ice in a shaker filled with cracked ice. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds and strain into a chilled glass.

The Mai Tai

This delicious cocktail is made from equal parts white rum, orange juice, and lime juice. Add sugar and crushed or slivered mai tais to a shaker filled with cracked ice. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds and strain into a chilled glass.

The Old Fashioned

This classic whiskey sour is made by adding bourbon, sugar, bitters, and water to a shaker filled with cracked ice. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds and strain into a chilled glass.

The Daiquiri

This refreshing cocktail is made by combining white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, and ice in a shaker filled with cracked ice. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds and strain into a


If you’re looking for a weekend getaway with your friends, look no further than a party cruise. These ships come equipped with everything from bars and restaurants to live music and nightly shows. Whether you want to relax on the deck or dance the night away, these cruises have something for everyone. And because they often sail during warmer months, there’s never a bad time to book one!


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