Is there any possibility of Tsukimichi’s second season of Moonlit Fantasy? If so, we are looking into and anticipating when the broadcast will begin. “Tsukimi to Tsukimichi Moonlit” is the original name of this anime.

Fans should also see it as it will summarize the animation 1st- and 2nd periods of “Tsukimi nu Tsukimichi Moonlit” and provide a visual guide.

No official announcement at the moment

“Tsukimi not Michichu” a Naro-kei reincarnated anime based in the light novel serialized and posted by Kei Azumi at the novel posting website “Let’s be a novelist”.

It is currently serialized by Alpha Polis in its book edition. But, the series’ cumulative circulation exceeded 2,000,000 as of June 2021! It is a well-known work that has also been published in comicalized manga.

The story is an ordinary one about a different world cheat. But Makoto Fukasumi’s ugly face means that he is prohibited from interacting with people and is sent to the end of the world. It is a unique setting.

They are also stunning voice actors! Fuka Kiyoshi Tomomi, who plays the lead role of Kiyoshi Shin (the blade of Onimetsu) in the stove TanJiro is doing the role. FukaKiyoshi Mio is Akari Kito, who is also responsible for Kimetsu and Yaiba’s voice actor.

The popularity of the original has made it a popular work for the 2021 summer animation. But, how far will the animation go? What about the second season? Many people should be interested in this!

We haven’t seen any official announcement on Twitter or on the official website yet. However, this article examines the possibility that the Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2 could be announced.

What volume (if any) will the first period in anime be drawn from the original novel? When will the anime’s second season be broadcast? You can enjoy the anime until the end.

Is there a chance that Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 is possible?

Tsukimichi moonlit fantasy season 2 is possible if there is a stock of original novel. The first period of animation can only be produced if everything in the original light novel is complete.

The newest novel from “Tsukimichi Nightlit Fantasy” is incomplete.

I will detail the amount of the original story that will be animated in the first period. But, since it could be as many as 4 volumes, the stock remaining in that case will only be 13 volumes.

The stock of the original novel can be produced in animation. It’s possible to make the 2nd and 4th periods.

If the stock is fine, I’d like to see the disc sales of “Tsukimichi Nightlit Fantasy” (Bluray and DVD).

Despite the widespread availability of video distribution services that are easily viewed at home and disk sales being an important factor in considering the possibility for producing anime sequels, on average, the animation production commission is in the black with 4,000. It is important to be capable of producing more sheets than the required number.

The disc “Tsukimichi Nightlit Fantasy” does not have Blu-ray. There are currently 4 volumes that will be available. Despite being Blu-ray, it appears that you can only view the videos in the Playpic format.

PlayPIC Card is a new service that lets you cast and watch videos on a computer or television. You can read the QR code printed on the card, instead of using a DVD or Blu-ray disc. It is an excellent service for those without a Bluray player or DVD player.

This is a bit off topic but the number sold discs will not be confirmed as the Blu-ray’s first Bluray of “Tsukimichi Nightlit Fantasy” is due to be released on October 27, 2020.

Amazon has for now accepted reservations. You can see the popularity ranking but it will be released 2 months later. The current ranking is not very useful.

We will have to wait a while before we can assess the possibility of Tsukimichi’s Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 based on the sales of the DVDs.

Based on the sales figures for the original novel, “Tsukimichi Sunlit Fantasy”, we will determine if it is possible to produce the second phase of animation. As I mentioned, the series’ cumulative circulation has exceeded 2,000,000 copies by June 2021 in the original novel of Tsukimichi Moonlit fantasy.

If the cumulative number of the series exceeds two million, then the likelihood of making a sequel to the anime is very high.

Since June 2021, the total number of circulations is the same as before the first period in animation started broadcasting, it can be predicted that future sales will rise.

Comicalized manga has been published for “Tsukimichi Sunlit Fantasy”. If you feel that creating an anime sequel will help increase sales of the original novel, then it is possible to begin the second phase in animation production. This will be a very hot scene.

When considering the possibility to produce an anime sequel or other animations, disc sales are essential. However, there have been other important factors in recent years. It is important to note that subscription video distribution services are very popular.

There are generally two revenue models available for video distribution services: “revenue through exclusive distribution” and “revenue according to number of views.” Unfortunately, there is only one service that exclusively distributes the “moon-guided different universe journey”. No.

The number of views on each video distribution site is therefore important. It is possible to predict the number of views by using the popularity ranking for each video distribution service.

ranks 10th in U.NEXT and 4th weekly in the ranking major video distribution companies as of August 15, 20,21.

Additionally, more than 70,000 people have registered favorites in the d-anime store. The likelihood that video views have exceeded 70,000 is high so the “Tsukimichi Sunlit Fantasy Season 2”, which is a popular video distribution, will likely be produced.

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When will the broadcast date of the “Tsukimichi moonlit fantasy season 2” be available?

First, let’s talk about the first period. The Blu-ray uploaded on the official site is set to be released in 3 episodes in 1 volume. is. The broadcast of this first period of animation will be completed in September.

The broadcast interval for anime with the highest ratings is usually one to two years. In the case “Moon-led Journey Through a Different World”, there are no problems with video distribution. The popularity of the original novel is also not an issue. Therefore, it will rely on the disc.

However, there is enough stock to go around and the original novel is popular and has won the “Moon led Different World Road” award. So the second term production was already decided behind closed doors and the first term is final. It appears that the possibility exists that it might be announced at the moment.

In such a case, it is likely that the second broadcast will take place in the shortest possible time. We expect that ‘s second broadcast date will be October 2022 .

How many volumes of original novels are there in the anime’s first and second seasons? (From where are you going?

The final step is to predict and consider how far the TV animation of “Tsukimichi Sunlit Fantasy” will go from the original novel. The anime’s latest episode shows Makoto Fukasumi (the main character) arriving in Ziege to meet Tomoe the ex-dragon and Mio the ex-spider. An episode about Rembrandt’s struggle for survival is also shown.

After that, we’ll head to Rotsgard . But it is highly probable that we will continue the story until we arrive in Rotsgard. This corresponds to Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the original novel.

Assuming the anime was drawn from volumes 1-4 of the original novel, it is possible that the second period of animation would be at the same speed as volume 5.

Summary: 70% chance of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2,

  • 70% chance of the Tsukimichi moonlit Fantasy Season 2
  • Based on disc sales, there may not be a second animation period.
  • Broadcast date is estimated to be October 2022.

“Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy” is a typical story of a different world reincarnated as cheats. However, it’s interesting that Makoto Furukamii’s main character has a disappointing setting.

Tomoe, Makoto Fukasumi, and Tomoe are the main characters. They have super-luxury voice actors . Tomoaki and Saorihayami are also characters. The voice actors are beautiful, and you can see the effort that the production team put into it.

It’s also interesting to know who will be Fukasumi Satoshi’s voice actor. The first period has reached its turning point. But let’s take a look at “the journey of another universe led by the Moon” and enjoy it while we wait for the next period.


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