This page contains a Udysepic review that can help you determine if the website is an Udysepic .com trustworthy company or a scam. If you’re looking for reliable information about this site, please continue reading.

  • Domain name: Udysepic .com
  • Website name: CHG Wholesale
  • Email: service@udysepic .com
  • Parent Company Name And Address: TOP LIFESTYLE LIMITED, 212 Horton Road, Datchet, Slough, England, SL3 9HL
  • Company Number: 11934935
  • Product Categories Available On Its Website: Yellowstone Series, Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Children’s Clothing, Summer Collection, Accessories, Other Products
  • Products Listed On Its Website: Solid Single Breasted Panel Hem Slit Coat, Casual Plush Zipper Coat, Western Horses Aztec Printed Hoodie, Men’s Vintage Western Yellowstone Casual Pants, Men’s Vintage Western Yellowstone Zipper Stand Collar T-Shirt, Men’s Casual Slim Short Sleeve T-Shirt Sports Fitness Running V Neck Tops, Men’s Retro Lace Up Casual T-Shirt, Solid Color Casual Fringe Long Sleeve T-Shirt, etc.

It is an online shopping store which is claiming to sell various products as listed above. However, there are so many things you must know about this online store before choosing it as your shopping destination.

Udysepic .com has made a mistake by having a different domain name and website name, which is not a common practice for legitimate websites. Furthermore, the website has also made an error on its policy pages by using its website name, CHG Wholesale, instead of its domain name, indicating a potential copy-paste mistake.

TOP LIFESTYLE LIMITED, the parent company of this online store, has been associated with several problematic and fraudulent websites, such as Teslaneat, Jokerglor, Aerotarg, Sangwing, Plameem, Neatbullet, Unteraleo, Viperault, Viewposh, Amigsleu, Isleai, among others. This raises serious concerns about the authenticity and reliability of this online store. It’s important to be cautious when considering doing business with a company with such a shady background.

NOTE: It’s important to note that fraudulent websites frequently change their company name or address to evade detection, so it’s crucial to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity by this online store in the future.

When shopping online, it’s important to be cautious, especially when a website offers products at heavily discounted prices. It’s not right for Udysepic to lure customers in with unrealistic prices, which are often used by scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers.

The similarities between Udysepic‘s website design and content to those commonly observed on problematic websites are concerning. It’s not acceptable for any company to deceive unsuspecting customers in this way.

The lack of a social media icon that links to its business-related social media page is worrisome. It suggests that it may not prioritize connecting with its customers or establishing an authentic relationship with them. This distinguishes it from trustworthy online stores that usually offer such icons to improve their online visibility and establish a relationship of trust with their customers.

Feedback from customers who have purchased from similar online stores indicates that delivery times are often delayed, customer support is insufficient, and post-purchase services are unsatisfactory.

The aforementioned realities clearly indicate that Udysepic is a suspicious online store.

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These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items on huge discount, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. Some scam online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.


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