Many people were annoyed by the viral University of Kentucky Racist Student Video. Learn more about the misconduct of the victim.

What is the reason a student was arrested? Are there multiple charges against her? A number of charges have been filed against a Kentucky University student who is accused of insulting Black students and using racial slurs. The video quickly went viral Worldwide.

We will be discussing the incident the student experienced due to misconduct by another student and the University of Kentucky Racist Students Video.

What video went viral recently?

Sophia Rosing’s viral video of herself as a White woman is widely being circulated. Sophia Rosing is seen touching the Black student in the video. Sophia is seen shouting racist obscenities at the student and trying to strike her.

It is evident that the victim is restraining herself and not reacting. Sophia was also asked by the victim to stop trying to escape her blows. Sophia used inappropriate words, and it is heard that she uses them frequently.

Incident Video:

Kentucky University student viral video. People are outraged that a White student made racial remarks about a Black woman. Another person can be seen trying to intervene in the video. Sophia appears to be aiming a shopping cart at both Black students.

Sophia is seen trying to strike the Black victim in this video clip. She is seen using a racial epithet and being held back by the student.

University of Kentucky Student Arrested

According to Sophia’s arrest records from Fayette County Jail she is a 22 year-old university student. She was taken into custody by the Kentucky University police administrator on Sunday morning, November 6, 2022 on suspicion of public intoxication and assault.

According to news reports, Sophia was ordered to keep her bond at 10,000 US dollars. She was also told not to talk to the person suffering and to stop drinking alcohol. It is believed that the incident occurred in one or two University residence halls. Viral on TWITTER identified one college employee who was working at the reception desk during the overnight shift.

What statements were made by the University’s officers?

According to Eli Capilouto (the President of Kentucky University), the student employee behaved professional, calmly, and discretely according to his assessment of the incident on a videotape.

Capilouto claims that the film’s visuals do not meet “the obligations to each other and” and that the institution condemns this behavior and will never tolerate it.

He also stated that they display violence, which isn’t justified, as well as a rejection of dignity of their neighbors. They are not polite conversation as shown in Reddit posts.

What was Sophia’s reaction to being arrested?

The woman kept repeating the same sentence so the authorities sent her to jail. The document states that they removed her from the situation. She said she was given priority because of her wealth. After being urged to relax, she attacked and clawed at her hands.


Sophia Rosing (White 22-year-old girl) is also accused of biting and hitting an official who arrived at Boyd Hall around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, November 6, 2022.

According to campus security’s arrest complaint, the policeman saw her intoxicated and calling Black women groups derogatory names. Click here to find out more about Sophia Rosing’s case.

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