Veibaeis one of the most popular vloggers. YouTuber and Twitch star who is well-known. Sheis an English female Vtuber from England. On April 9, 2021 she joined the Vshojoplatform. Her popularity grew rapidly after she joined Twitch. Her Twitch streams only allow 18-year-olds. She has 746K Twitch fans so far and 520K YouTube subscribers. On October 12, 2019, she uploaded a photo to her Twitter. Fans have been asking themselves if this is her real face. Let’s discover Veibae real face.

Veibae became a viral sensation and people started asking questions about her like her height or her real name. Let’s learn more about each of these topics.

Veibae Face Reveal

Who is Veibae really like? Many people are curious to find out if this is her real face. She shared it on her Twitter account on October 12, 2019. The post is available below.

It is Veibae’s real face. This was an advertisement for her future merchandise and many started to believe it. She isn’t well-known, even online.

No evidence has been found that Veibae is exposing her face.

What is Veibae’s Real Name?

To date, no one knows her real identity and she has not shared it. Her name is “Vei”, and she is well-known on social media.


People guess that she is 25.


One of her Twitch streams revealed that she was British. She is a citizen from the United Kingdom. Her mother is Polish.

Veibae Overview

Veibae was the daughter of a Japanese-American family. Her parents and date of birth are unknown. We don’t have any information about her education but we do know that she completed her senior year at a local privet school. Her ethnicity may be mixed. Unknown personal information about her. Her marital status and gender are unmarried. She is single.


She has a YouTube channel called Veibae with over 500k subscribers, where she uploads her videos often. She joined YouTube May 4, 2020.

She has nearly 400k Twitter followers. Her Instagram account is not active. In her twitch biography, she stated that she does not have an Instagram account.


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