Modern technology has made life easier and more comfortable for people. Modern technology doesn’t mean we have to live with unreliable and outdated security measures. We now have many options and may choose the best one for us, thanks to new inventions. Sometimes we forget to upgrade and monitor our security systems at home and in our businesses. Our security personnel cannot keep us safe and protected. Because they are the foundation of our comfortable lives, we must protect them as a top priority.

It is recommended to add another reliable security system, such as a Wireless Intercom with Door Release . This innovation will help protect our homes and businesses. The intercom system with door release is standard in most modern apartments. Swiftlane is one of the most popular apartment and business intercom systems.

Three benefits of a video intercom system that allows for door release are listed below

Even with tight security, uninvited visitors and guests can still enter a facility if there is someone inside who allows them to roam about. How can tenants and owners prevent this from happening? You must get permission from the owner before you allow unauthorized visitors to enter a secure home or business. Everybody wants to be safe and protected. This security system is becoming increasingly popular. This technique is used to protect the homeowner and their employees from criminals and thieves. This wireless video intercom allows renters to quickly accept or decline visits. The system also records events for future reference. This is the easiest and most straightforward system to use.

  • Key fobs do not need to be used.

Every door requires a key. If you don’t have the right key for your door, we can’t get in. Keys and key fobs can still be used to gain entry to homes, businesses, and other establishments. They can sometimes lose or break keys due to frequent use. It can be very dangerous for others to have your keys or key fobs. It is also very costly to make keys and key fobs, so it can be a cost-saving measure for both the resident and the company. The new intercom system with door-release does not require key fobs or keys to be used by the company owner. If others are also interested in the new system, it will be a worry-free place for you and your company.

  • Enhancing resident satisfaction

Renters are looking for a home that is safe, secure, convenient, and protected. Some tenants are wary of living in places that could put their lives and those of their families in danger due to rising criminality and theft. Tenants want to find out about the amenities offered by this place when they are looking for a home. Tenants would like to be informed about the benefits they will receive. They might also be willing to share their experiences and help renters. Invite renters. Apartment owners continue to upgrade their security systems.


Swiftlane was able to create or make a wireless intercom system with door release using its technology. This will ensure that both our homes and businesses are protected and safe. This device offers many benefits. Three of these are management of visitors, no need for key fobs, and enhancement of resident satisfaction. These benefits will allow you to enjoy a safe and secure environment.


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