What is an Pep rally? This is also known as a PEP assembly. Participants are usually students in middle school, highschool, or college age, and they meet before a sporting event. This gathering is intended to encourage and boost school spirit.

Pep Rallies are a common feature in American High Schools, where students between 14 and 18 years old participate. American schools give sports a high priority. To get students excited about a upcoming game, the school administration or athletic department arranges it.

What happens during a pep rally

What happens during a pep rally.

The students go first to the gymnasium, or multi-purpose area where they sit on bleachers. The marching band plays the music. After this, the teacher, team captains, athletic directors, principals, and coach speeches are followed. The Cheerleader Acrobatics are performed. Everybody in uniforms sees the player of the team. Everyone cheers them on with cheers and noises of encouragement for Athletics.

Is it entertaining?

Does everyone love it? No. Everyone has their own opinions. Pep rallies are not something that people like, as my friends know.


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