If you’re planning to start a new business, you need to consider various aspects that will contribute to your company’s success. Apart from marketing, you need to pay close attention to the customers and brand value. You need to consider necessary steps that will help you achieve success. 

However, in the midst of chaos, many business owners forget that the name of their company is as important as the other factors. You might create a great business idea and plan effective marketing strategies. But all of your efforts will be wasted if you don’t plan the business name effectively. A proper business name is the most important part of your brand. 

However, many business owners and marketers fail to determine the perfect length for their company, which will have a big impact on how easily your name is going to be remembered and pronounced. The overall sound, words, and syllables will play an important role in your business name. Here is everything you need to know about the length of your business name. 

Should the Business Name Be Short or Long?

Generally, the shorter name you choose for your business, the better your customers and client will be able to understand and remember your company, especially if the business name you choose has one or two words or syllables. Sometimes, longer business names are super hard to remember, which will affect their effectiveness. If you’re searching for short company namesmake sure you visit our website. 

However, keep in mind that the length you choose for your business name isn’t the only factor that will have a massive impact on the success and effectiveness of the business name. You also need to consider the quality. Sometimes, shorter business names aren’t better than longer names. The most important thing is that you come up with a business name that is easy to interpret, memorable, and capable of reflecting your business. 

How Many Characters Should You Use in Your Business Name?

Even though there are some specific exceptions, your business name shouldn’t contain more than 15 characters. This way, you’ll be able to create a business name that is easy to remember and capable of showcasing your business’s products and services. 

The more characters you include in your business name, the harder it will become for your clients and customers to understand. Additionally, names with too many characters are difficult to copyright. This is why you need to ensure you’re using as few characters as possible. 

But the number of characters you choose is dependent on what type of business name you’re planning to use. If you’re teaching your audience about your brand, don’t use more than 11 characters. But if your business name is going to be based on keywords, you can use 15 characters. 

How Many Words Should You Use in Your Business Name?

This is also dependent on which type of business name you’re going to use for your company. Just like the characters, using more words in your business name will make it look more complicated. As a result, your customers will face problems interpreting it. Not to mention, your brand will face complications in retaining customers. As per Tech Target, customer retention is essential. 

Additionally, using business names with many words will affect your marketing campaign. This is why you should never choose business names that are more than two words. Even if you want to choose three-word business names, ensure that the words are short and capable of capturing the attention of the customers. 

How Many Syllables Should You Use in the Business Name?

This is another factor that will determine how memorable your business name will be and how easy it’s going to sound to people. Many business owners forget to consider the syllables that will have a massive impact on the effectiveness of the business name. Just like the words, less is more. Here is the guideline you need to remember when choosing syllables for your business name:

  • One-word business names: Maximum of 4 syllables 
  • Two words business names: Maximum of 4 syllables for both words 
  • Three words business names: Only one syllable per word 

Additionally, you also need to consider the spoken length. This means that if the business name you’ve chosen is too long, it needs to sound long while spoken. The same rule is applicable if you’re choosing a short business name. Consider asking someone to read your business name loud so that you can know how it sounds to the customers. If they are taking too much time to read the business name, consider shortening it. 

What is Visual Symmetry and How Your Business Name Can Be Affected By It?

When your clients and customers read your business name, they are also looking at the name. Apart from your brand logo, you also need to ensure your business name is visually appealing. When you choose two words for the business name with visual symmetry, you will be able to make the business name easier to spell and remember. 

However, remember that this is the general guideline. There are a couple of exceptions when the visual symmetry might not matter for your business name. Nevertheless, you need to ensure you’re paying close attention to how your business name looks. You can make them look more eye-catching by choosing different designs and fonts. 

How Can You Shorten Your Business Name?

If you have chosen a business name that is too long, there are a couple of ways you can implement to shorten the long business name. One of the most effective ways is to remove irrelevant words. You can also choose an abbreviation of the name. However, you need to ensure the abbreviation is as effective as the original one. 

Suppose you want to remove irrelevant words from your business name. In that case, you need to consider the words and syllables to determine if it’s possible to remove anything without affecting the actual meaning of the business name. 


This is everything you need to know about the ideal length for your business name. Make sure you contact us if you have any other queries. 


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