Summer is the best season to extract a tooth. The wisdom teeth can be extracted while the children are on holidays so they won’t miss any school. You might be wondering what you can do if you have to remove a tooth. eat after Wisdom teeth removal . Soft foods are best during the initial days of recovery.

What diet should you follow after wisdom tooth removal?

The age range between 16-18 years is when wisdom teeth can be extracted. In this age group, the first dental roots are formed and the tooth has not yet been born. The procedure is easier and there is a better recovery after surgery.

This is a very simple operation, but it’s not required. The only reason to extract wisdom teeth is when they cause damage to the arch of the tooth. There is no reason to extract it if it is not possible for the wisdom teeth to grow and is not affecting the alignment or function of the other teeth.

If your dentist recommends that you have your wisdom teeth removed, you will be required to follow a specific diet. This diet is based on liquid, pasty, or ice cream foods. Below are some ideas. Thank you for reading!

Care after wisdom teeth removal

Although the removal of wisdom teeth is a simple procedure, it requires ongoing care. You should brush your teeth gently and without using force until the day following extraction. To avoid injury to the gums, you should use ultra-soft bristle brush. Ask the dentist whether you are allowed to use mouthwash.

Although swelling is normal after surgery, there are ways to minimize it. You can use cold compresses every half an hour for 5-10 minutes as soon as you leave the hospital. Next day, you can use a damp towel to compress the swelling.

alcohol after surgery is over, as it could interfere with the effectiveness and efficiency of the antibiotic. After seven days, the patient should come back to the dentist’s office for stitches to be removed and for the dentist to check the healing process.

What can I eat following wisdom tooth extraction

You may feel numb in your jaw and mouth after tooth extraction. Anesthesia . But, the effects of this anesthetic are usually gone within a few hours. You can take it easy. Eat after Wisdom teeth removal .

Even if it’s possible to eat for several hours, it’s important that you choose the right food menu. Certain foods and drinks shouldn’t be eaten until several weeks after tooth extractions.

If only one or two of your teeth are removed, and no complications are present during surgery, you might be able to start eating a densely-textured diet in 24 hours. Each case is unique so it is best that you consult your dentist to determine the best treatment after tooth extract.

What should you eat after your wisdom teeth are removed

Many people ask about diet after wisdom teeth removal. Many teens said that their first meal after surgery consisted of noodles. It’s true that instant noodles can be quick and easy to make. But, instant noodles are pre-fried and full of dyes, preservatives. Some brands even contain sugar. These ingredients can make food very inflammatory. This means that it won’t help to reduce swelling and pain. The bi fum, a thin noodles made from rice, is the best choice if you are looking for noodles. It cooks in just 2 minutes. It can be seasoned with antiinflammatory seasonings, such as turmeric, chopped chives and coriander.

Some people aren’t hungry after surgery. It is important to eat something to get energy and nutrients that will aid in healing. Others feel very hungry, but they can’t tolerate hot foods. Here are some options that will suit your every taste and need:

Things to Eat after Wisdom teeth removal :

1. Recipes

It could be soup, cornmeal soup or vegetables. In the first few days of surgery, it is crucial to be able to consume food quickly. The soup perfectly fits this description.

You can still use multiple ingredients to create a variety of flavors without getting bored.

Pay attention! Be aware of the temperature. You should never eat hot food after a tooth extraction. This can cause pain, bleeding, and impair your healing.

2. ice cream

If you don’t have sensitive Dental Implants Ice cream is the most popular food you can eat. Wisdom teeth removal It’s especially great in summer. It is creamy and icy, so even sensitive mouths can take it in. Because it is cold, any natural swelling may be minimized.

Be careful when choosing ice cream. Creamy is the best choice after surgery as it doesn’t require much effort when eating. Also, you should avoid topping the icecream with solid toppings or candy. Keep the ice cream in the glass and not the cone.

3. Fruits and vitamins

You will be so happy with the results of juices and vitamins. Even better, you can mix the flavors and have them gelled. It is refreshing and will help to reduce swelling and pain after the procedure.

“Some patients have difficulty opening the mouth for as long as their eyes have been open. Some patients present trismus, which refers to a restricted opening of the oral cavity, or mandibular movement. In these cases, you can use a straw to inhale liquids.

4. Vegetables

After a few days, you’ll be ready for more solid foods. Nothing is better than returning to vegetables. These vegetables are healthy and delicious when mashed well. Make it with manioc or potato. It’s delicious!

5. Gelatin

Gelatin is another option for people who have just extracted the system. Gelatin is safe and easy to consume. For a smoother texture, prepare the dessert with more water that normal.

What did you learn about what to eat? Wisdom teeth removal ? To speed up your recovery from surgery, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene.

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