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Eye lash extension kit is one of the indispensable tools in the bag of technicians from beginners to professionals. A complete and good-quality toolkit will help you create beautiful and long-lasting eyelash extensions.

What’s inside an eye lash extension kit?

The eye lash extension kit is one of the indispensable tools in the bag of technicians, from beginners to professionals. A complete and good-quality toolkit will help you create beautiful and durable eyelash extensions.

For beginners or planning to learn eyelash extensions, they are often very hesitant about the cost of buying tools to learn eyelash extensions. So what is the most necessary thing for eyelash extension learners? Write the list below to have enough tools to learn and save money, avoiding the situation of not knowing what to buy or wasting.

Eyelash extensions – the most important item in the eye lash extension kit.

On the market today, there are many different types of lashes with different quality and prices. Depending on the techniques of the technicians and the needs of the client, choose the right type of lashes. Priority should be given to soft, light, and standard lashes; the materials should also be safe, avoiding irritation for clients. There will be two types of lashes that you need to have: flat eyelashes and regular eyelashes. Among them, synthetic mink lashes are an option that you should consider.

Choose single lash trays or lash trays that mix curvatures depending on the type of eyelash extension. Some basic specs you need to refer to are as follows: classic lashes need C, CC, and sometimes J curl, the commonly used diameter is 0.15; 0.18; 0.20 mm, and lengths from 8 mm to 14 mm. For volume lashes, you need to prepare lash fans with CC, D, and L curl and the number of lashes from 3D, 5D, 7D, and 10D, recommended diameter from 0.03 mm to 0.05 mm. Also, for hybrid lashes, a combination of volume and classic, you need to combine the above specs.

Tweezers in eye lash extension kit:

There will be three main groups of tweezers to have in your eye lash extension kit: tweezers to attach lashes, tweezers to separate lashes, and types to remove lashes. You need to distinguish them and choose according to the following factors:

Tweezers to attach lashes: This group includes types for volume and classic. In particular, tweezers for classic have a sharp tip, which is convenient for picking and separating the lashes more accurately than the curved or straight tweezers for more flexibility in the eyelash extension style.

Because eyelash extension tweezers for volume must be highly specialized, technicians often use tweezers with L-shaped, small, pointed, curved tips and the inner two sides of the tweezers that fit together. Often new technicians have not been able to control the grip force of the tweezers, so they should use tweezers with a low grip on the inner sides. Using tweezers with high roughness will easily damage the tweezers’ tips. In contrast, professionals who have good control of the grip often use tweezers with high roughness. Therefore, depending on your needs, you choose the right tweezers for the eye lash extension kit.

Tweezers group for eyelash separation: Includes straight and curved split tweezers. The straight type is often used by skilled people and professionals familiar with manipulating and separating lashes. The tweezers of both types are sharp. Both are must-have items in the eye lash extension kit.

Group of tweezers to remove lashes: As the name implies, this type of tweezers is used to remove damaged lash extensions or want to replace a new set of lashes.

A small tip for choosing tweezers is to choose types made from anti-static materials and a comfortable grip texture. This is quite important and helps you manipulate faster and more conveniently.

Glue in eye lash extension kit:

The glue must be water-resistant, quality tested, safe, and free of harmful chemicals. In particular, it needs to have high adhesion to help the lashes stick on the real lashes for a long time. You should also refer to seasonal glue products. They help you optimize eyelash extensions, limit eye discomfort, low adhesion, or long-drying glue in winter.

Under-eye pads:

Under-eye pads are essential in the eye lash extension kit. They are used to fix the lower eyelid, at the same time support the technician’s eyelash extension manipulation more accurately.

Wax/gel to remove lashes:

Used to remove the previous set of eyelash extensions. In addition, it is also used to repair the error of eyelash extensions. Equip a bottle of wax/gel in your eye lash extension kit.

Specialized eyelash brush:

This is the tool used before and after eyelash extensions. The eyelash brush will help the lashes to be more even and smooth. This brush will have a design quite similar to mascara brushes with a long and thin body.

Professional eyelash extensions lights:

Currently, there are two main types consisting of fixed and portable lights. Depending on the characteristics of the service, the technician will use the most suitable type of light.

Eyelid pads:

Used to cover, isolate and protect the skin around the eyelids. Choose eyelid pads with nutrients that care for the skin under the eyes. Clients will have both eyelash extensions and eye care at the same time.

Above are the most necessary items in an eye lash extension kit for those who are just starting with eyelash extensions. If you are still confused in choosing items, look for eyelash extensions combo products to save money and ensure convenience. Good luck.


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