Larry Wheels, was born December 3, 1994. He is an American professional strengthlifter, bodybuilder and strongman. He holds the powerlifting World Record. After separation with Nicole Drinkwater, everyone wants to learn about his current girlfriend.

Larry Wheels is a new girlfriend. Dating Life Now

Larry Wheels currently doesn’t have a girlfriend. He seems to be single. He has not shared any information on his Instagram account about his girlfriend.

Larry might not be ready to enter a relationship right at this moment, after he ended a previous relationship. They used to frequent Instagram. But they broke up.

Before Larry Wheels married Drinkwater, he was still with Chelsea King. Everything went well, until King accused them of strange acts.

Larry Wheels, Breakup

Nicole Drinkwater and Larry Wheels’ split. They have grown stronger over the last two decades. They have been romantically together since 2019. Nicole, Larry’s girlfriend rose to prominence shortly after she began dating Larry. In 2019, Larry was subject to several allegations. Nicole responded to each one boldly. Later, Larry was named Nicole’s girlfriend. This shock shocked their fans. All of them have been closely following their love story. Fans prayed to their love and wished them all happiness.

The loss of her beloved fans was deeply felt by them and they began to question their relationship. In recent videos, a woman appeared completely different to the one before. Fans were shocked when Larry didn’t mention her in any of his videos. Social media was abuzz with gossips and people speculated as to what might have happened within two weeks.

They seem happy enough but their pace is slower when they live together under one another’s roofings.

Nicole’s videos confirm their split. But, due to other personal issues, they have not confirmed the breakup. One example is that his accusers claimed he beat him up to the point where he and her separated last year. While speculations were made about what may have occurred, she now insists that the accusations are untrue.

They are not together anymore, but they didn’t split up. We will not be able to determine if they have split up until we hear back or witness evidence from someone else.

Larry was also a mate of Chelsea King, who accused Larry of being abusive towards him. This was before Larry met Nicole.


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