Are you interested in the legitimacy of Zuneria and would like to know if Zuneria .com is a legitimate business or a fraud? Our Zuneria review will give you the details you require. Our goal is to present a complete evaluation of the site and its methods, so that you are able to make a sound decision. We’re committed to providing our customers with accurate and reliable information.

  • Domain name: Zuneria .com
  • Website name: Zuneria
  • Email: support@zuneria .com
  • Contact Phone Number: 442086385417
  • Parent Company Name And Address:Meledo Company Limited, 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, United Kingdom, WC1A 2RP
  • Company Number: 11736866
  • Categories of Products Available on the Website:All products, Sell inventory at low prices Houseware Outdoor Tools
  • Products listed on its website:Space-saving Multi-purpose living Room Furniture Modern fabric sofa bed, GAMING CHAIR MASSAGE WITH FOOTREST and BLUETOOTH SMAKERS, Smartwatch that comes with wireless Earphones(Works with iPhone and Android) Discount Center Dirt eBike – 3hrs quick charging and 14 km battery-life electric bicycle Electric bicycle for outdoor use with a the battery of 48V/15AH lithium The indestructible GLOVES and more.

It’s an online shopping retailer that claims to offer a variety of products, such as those mentioned above. There are many details you need to know about this store prior to making a decision about it as your shop destination.

Zuneria Zuneria, the online store offered in by shady Meledo Company Limited is home to a plethora of suspicious brothers in the scamming industry including “Scammy McScammerson’s Emporium” and “Fleece-Your-Pockets Outlet”. It’s as if they’re all belonging to the same fraud family. A few examples of websites that belong to Meledo Company Limited are Salidro, Dohnoo, DuirungerShop, BefallStore, Yantrad, CiivyShop, Oudice, Gloloom, Koravino, Pidgul, etc.

Note: Keep an eye out for any possible parent company name or address change. They’re notorious for trying to avoid detection.

Zuneria‘s pricing is so cheap that it’s like they’re offering their products at no cost. However, let’s be honest that these offers are the same as a t-shirt in a storm. Don’t fall for the “bargains” – you’ll be leaving with a purse just as empty as the politician’s promises.

In relation to their site, it’s as if it’s like the Robin Hood of plagiarism, taking money from the wealthy and giving it to? Well, themselves. This is a classic instance of “copy and paste” at its finest, considering that a number of their information on their website correspond to scam websites.

The social media game they play is sloppy. It’s as if they’re the child in school who isn’t invited to any events. Let’s face it, Zuneria, showcase what you have and include those social media icons on your site!

Some online retailers have been criticized by their customers due to slow delivery and poor customer service as well as inadequate post-purchase assistance that raise questions regarding the reliability of Zuneria.

Based on the above mentioned facts, it is verified it is true that Zuneria is a fraudulent online store.

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Today, a variety of new online stores claim that they are selling various products at massive discounts, however the majority of them are frauds. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid new online stores, or at a minimum, conduct some research prior to buying items from these new online stores as the majority of these stores won’t even deliver the bought items to their customers, or deliver totally other or low-quality products. Certain scam websites have charged credit cards of customers in random ways without their permission. So, if you’ve had the misfortune of purchasing from scam websites, we recommend that you immediately notify your credit card or bank firm to safeguard your credit card details.


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