Two of the leading causes of stomach acid reflux are life stress and lower abdominal obesity. Exercise can help relieve stress and reduce weight. This is a great way to treat this condition. A medical doctor teaches you how to use simple movements that increase muscle and thin your abdomen, to improve your problem with gastroesophageal acid reflux.

GERD – Symptoms

Gleboesophageal acid reflux is characterized by heartburn, chronic pain, hoarse voice and sore throat. Barry’s disease of the esophagus may progress to esophageal or other forms of cancer. Do not be reckless.

4 GERD obesity is a major factor

Gastroesophageal reflux is caused by excessive relaxation of lower esophageal muscle. There are four possible causes.

1. Physiological factors include obesity, aging, and diaphragmatic hiatus mynia.

2. Factors that affect the diet include sweets, high fat foods, chocolate, coffee and mint, among others.

3. Lifestyle habits include: drinking, smoking, long-term weight-bearing work to do stoop, or bend over to play sports.

4. Life stress can cause autonomic nervous system disorders.

These include dessert, stress and gastroesophageal acid.

Research has shown that stress conferences increase the brain’s desire for desserts and high fat foods. Sitting for long periods can cause people to gain weight. An increase in waist circumference, visceral fat, and thicker abdomens will result in increased abdominal pressure. This will have an adverse effect on the lower esophageal. Contraction, causing acid reflux .

How do patients with gastroesophageal remission lose weight?

Patients suffering from gastroesophageal regurgitation should pay more attention to their diet and exercise.

1. The diet: Eat less sweets and less high-fat food, and consume less alcohol. It is easy to gain weight by eating these foods, as well as a lot of gastric acid.

2. Exercise: This can reduce stress and help with weight loss. You can achieve two things from one exercise. It is possible to walk for 30 minutes or 10,000 steps each day. It is also possible to do simple Tai Chi, yoga, or core muscle exercises.

* Develop core muscles to reduce abdominal fat and improve gastroesophageal reflux

Sitting for long periods of sitting is common in modern society. This causes the lower abdomen to protrude, excess fat builds up, and the core muscles begin to lose strength as we age. Exercise the core muscles of your abdomen and back to increase muscle mass, reduce fat, remove cellulite and reduce waist circumference.

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To reduce stomach fat and improve acid reflux, the following three core exercises are recommended:

* Stick pose

Place your elbows on a table and face down. Touch your toes to the ground with your fingers. Now, raise your body up parallel to the floor. You should not hold the position for longer than 20-30 secs per movement.Exercise your core muscles.

* Improved sitting-ups

Traditional sit-ups can cause problems at the waist. Avoid doing “sit ups and half-ups.” You don’t need to keep your upper body straight. However, it is okay to bend slightly at the 30 degree mark. Do not hold the support for longer than 20-30 seconds each movement.Strengthen the core muscles action two: modified sit-ups.

* Training abdominal muscles

When you are lying down, raise your legs by aligning your legs with your abdomen. You should support your legs for between 20-30 seconds each time.Exercise the core muscles group.

Perform the three above actions 10-20x per day. Take 20-30 seconds of rest after each one. Start slowly and increase the amount of repetitions.

Tips to patients

1. After you eat, don’t lie down immediately or on your stomach.

2. Drink soup and water separately when you eat.

3. You shouldn’t wear underwear or shapewear too tightly.

4. Not all medications are the best. You cannot depend on medication for your physical health. Mindfulness is the best way for you to reduce stress.


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