Our home is our place of rest. A clean home will help people relax. A Nobel Prize-winning study showed that when we smell a pleasant smell, our moods can improve by up to 40%. Here are some tips to eliminate odors from your home and keep it comfortable.


Moisture can lead to mold growth and dust mite infestations, which can be a major source of odor. According to the US government’s ENERGY STAR recommendations indoor humidity should be between 30 and 50%. A hygrometer can be used to determine the humidity of the room and a humidifier to remove any dampness.

Clothes in the closet absorb moisture easily, which causes unpleasant odors. To keep clothes fresh, put moisture-absorbing bags in your closet. Also, reduce the time you open the closet doors.

Bathrooms are one of the most humid parts of the room. It is important to drain the bathroom water quickly. To allow it to dry quickly, the wet towel can be placed on the heated towel rack.


Do not leave your pet’s bed, cat litter box, or household trash cans unattended. They will produce strange odours that must be eliminated immediately.

You can opt for a smaller trash container. A smaller trash can is better because it generates less odor, especially during summer. It is recommended that trash cans be cleaned at least once a month. Baking soda can be used to absorb odors.

It is important to clean your litter box at least once a day. Then, you should vacuum it every two to three weeks. The litter box should always be kept dry and ventilated. It is important to clean pet beds regularly. This will not only eliminate the unusual smell, but it can also prevent your pet from developing skin diseases.


Also, the refrigerator emits an unpleasant odor. You can keep fresh vegetables, meat, etc. Do not open expired food. If you have opened condiment cans, be sure to inspect them for bacteria.

To remove unpleasant odors, clean the fridge regularly. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends these methods for cleaning the refrigerator: Get rid of expired food. Remove any remaining food from the refrigerator and place it outside. ; 3. Use hot soapy warm water to wash the accessories. Dry them using a clean towel. The refrigerator can be cleaned with hot soapy soap, followed by a rinse with warm water. Dry the refrigerator with a clean towel. Combine the refrigerator accessories with the previously removed food.

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Carpets, curtains and pillows containing fabrics can accumulate dirt and absorb odors easily. Inadvertent spillages on fabric can cause stains to build up and leak into the fabric. This will allow bacteria to multiply, and can lead to odors.

There are many different methods to treat different fabrics. You can clean curtains and pillows by reading the product label.

We need to vacuum carpets regularly and immediately clean up any accidents. For pets or soups, enzyme cleaners may be useful. These can decompose biological stains. You can apply baking soda to a large area that has a strange odor. Let it sit overnight. Carpets should only be cleaned by professionals once a year. The carpet’s life expectancy can be extended by good maintenance.

Other deo methods

Activated carbon bag

The activated carbon bag can be hung in the closet or in the room. Activated carbon is recyclable after its expiration date. It is physically absorbed. After a certain time, the micropores of carbon are completely absorbed and it ceases to have any effect. Refer to the product label to determine when the carbon package should be replaced. Activated carbon will not function if the relative humidity exceeds 85 percent. A dehumidifier should then be used to remove dampness.

Give it a little aroma

Baking soda can be added to a coffee filter paper bag. You can also add essential oils to the bag. Tie the paper bag shut and store it in a closet or drawer. It can absorb unpleasant odors and emit aromas.

To make your house smell great, add about ten drops to the heating system’s filter. This will allow the scent to spread throughout your house.

Natural scent

Family public spaces are areas where the whole family can do activities. Guests may also stay in these spaces. It is best to add natural fragrances to these spaces such as flowers, fruits and tea. However, be aware that certain flowers may cause allergies and pollen can trigger allergic reactions. These are not suitable for indoors.

Last but not least, open your windows to ventilate your room, even in winter. This is the fastest way to get rid odors from a room.

The uniqueness of our senses of smell is remarkable. It is closely linked to the olfactory cortex in our brain, which is responsible for memory and emotions. Rachel Herz associate professor of psychoiatry at Brown University, Rhode Island. He once wrote in The Scent of Desire, Memory is triggered by smell. An old, familiar scent can make people weep.

This is something we all feel. To keep the home smelling fresh and to leave a positive impression on our family, you may wish to follow the suggestions above.


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