The “white walls”, which are clean and perfect, offer more options for home furnishings and give the house a bright and open feeling of increased space. White is a versatile colour, so it doesn’t clash with furniture of other materials or colors. The white wall can reflect the warmth and thickness of both cold-textured stones and thick wood. The house’s visual temperature.

The concept of home design is not important. It is more important to focus on the practical aspects. Over time, “white walls” will collect dirt and eventually wear out. A half-yearly cleaning is recommended. If there is significant contamination (such as dirt, dirt, abrasions or spider webs on ceiling corners and walls), the frequency of cleaning may need to increase. The dirt will then be more difficult and costly to remove.

6 steps to restore whiteness to your walls

A worker must be proficient in using his tools if he wants to succeed. For cleaning the wall you will need some tools such as a dust collector, vacuum cleaner, mop/broom, mop/broom, microfiber cloth (magic eraser), non abrasive (non-abrasive) sponge, mild detergent and natural baking soda powder. There is no need to market specialized cleaning products, or promote high-tech new products. You can use basic cleaning products. To avoid allergic reactions, you should also prepare masks and gloves.To clean the white wall, you will need to use basic cleaning products.

Initial step

All furnishings must be removed before cleaning the wall. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean the walls and remove all accessories.

Second step

You will need to have some skill in cleaning the dust off the walls. It is best to use brute force because dust and dust only makes the house dirtier.

Dust can be removed with a vacuum, or a brush attached to a vacuum. These appliances are not necessary. You can use a retractable dusting mop, broom or cloth covered with a chemical fibre cloth (such microfiber cloth), to clean the corners and ceilings. Dust.

Use the dust removal method to clean dust from high places. Be careful not to scratch the walls with the hardware part.   

Second step

Fill a bucket with approximately one gallon of warm water, but not hot water. Use a mild detergent. Avoid using too much soap foam. It will absorb dirt making it impossible to clean.

Baking soda works well as a natural cleaning agent if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals. However, wall dirt can be too stubborn and can make it difficult to clean.

Fourth step

This is a crucial step in determining if the cleaning agent will damage or alter the wall’s paint color.

Begin by dipping a small towel onto the towel. Next, wipe the back of your sofa or wall behind the painting with the cleaning solution. After waiting a few hours, observe if it is as good or worse.

Fifth step

Construction officially began! The wall is now ready for construction! Use a gentle circular motion to clean each section of the wall. You should start cleaning the wall at the top because water droplets can drip down.

Sixth step

You can send the nano-decontamination technology sponge (magic emery) to clean the wall after you have completed the fifth step. Avoid self-defeating by not using too much force.Only contact a professional cleaning company if you have wall cancer or severe dirt.

You may have tried all of the cleaning steps, but the dirt and paint on the wall are not getting rid of. Or the wall paint has started to peel off, leaving water stains. In these cases, it might be worth “repainting” the entire wall. It’s not a wise idea to paint one “dirty” spot on a wall. Different tones will appear for different types of paint: old paint, new paint, and faded. Even the same color paint will have a different gloss.

If walls become yellowed or black due to water stains, brown smoke, or wall cancers, it is best to contact a professional cleaning company immediately. Due to the constant occurrences of “wall cancer”, it is important not to paint but to locate the source of the problem and repair it before it becomes serious.


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