Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement yet about season 3. The 3rd season is not yet confirmed. However, we can make an estimate of when it will be released by comparing manga sales, video distribution, and popularity of both anime and manga. You can also find out the potential release date for “I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 3”.

“I’m Standing on a Million Lives,” is based on the Shonen Magazine manga serialized by Naoki Yonagawa and Akinari Nao. It is a well-known work that has exceeded 2 million copies cumulatively in the Series as at July 2021.

Popularity is growing for the unique setting in which the mysterious game master suddenly summons players to a new world. You also have to take the time to understand the quest. The story that actually addresses the real world problems is becoming more popular.

The second season of the anime was broadcast less than half a decade after the conclusion of the first anime season. The end of the second season is near. However, the official website has not yet made any announcements regarding sequel production.

This time we will analyze the possibility to produce “I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 3”.

Is there a chance of producing “I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 3?”

On September 19, 2021, 12 volumes of the original manga “I’m Standing on a Million Lives”, have been released. The original manga is currently up to the 5th lap. The manga’s volumes 1 through 5 have been animated.

The quest’s sixth lap is based on “I’m Standing on One Million Lives -Journey of Death”.

Even if the third anime season is made, I believe the drug material would be NG. I believe the sixth lap of “Iharu Nemore Drug War Edition”, the original manga quest, will be cut. “Ihar Nemore Nacotic War Edition” corresponds roughly to volumes 6 through 10 of the original manga.

The 7th lap of the quest “Black Labor Kingdom Edition” will see the 3rd season of animation. Volume 11 has the 11. This episode will be about a black business, not NG.

In this case, there will be two volumes of the original manga.

The sales of the original Manga will be used to confirm the possibility that the animation “I’m Standing on One Million Lives” can be produced.

As stated at the beginning, the cumulative number of the series had surpassed 2,000,000 by July 2021. Although not as remarkable as an anime based solely on manga sales, the TV animation’s second season is currently being broadcast.

Additionally, the 6th lap is drawn from the novel “Death Journey” so we can expect to increase sales.

Since the introduction of anime broadcasting, the series’ cumulative circulation has been increasing at an alarming rate. We can expect enough sales for the production of the third animation period, subject to future trends.

Next, we will examine the possibility of making the third season of animated films based on the sales status of DVD and Blu-ray versions of the anime.

It is said that when the average number sold of discs exceeds 4,000-5,000, the animation production team makes a profit. Then it is easy for the sequel production team to gain momentum.

The Blu-ray BOX is the only place where “I’m Standing on One Million Lives”, the disc of “I” will be released. It only contains one volume, which includes all 24 episodes of the first season and second seasons. It has.

The disc sales data from the first period of animation should normally be available. However, since the Blu-ray BOX above is due to be released on September 29, 20,21, disc sales will be news. It will be available from now.

You can refer to this reference: On September 15, 2021 the Blu-ray animation category had 1,276 sales.

It is only a reference ranking, and it will not be released until two weeks later.

If the ranking is not raised to the top 100, it will be difficult to reach an average of 4,000 to 5, 000 disc sales. The possibility of producing the third season of animation is to low.

Finally, because of the popularity and appeal of video distribution, we will investigate the possibility of producing the 3rd season of animation.

With the growth of subscriptions, video distribution has become more widespread. Video distribution revenue can now be used to pay for disk sales.

If there is exclusive distribution such as NetFlix or Amazon Prime Video, then this will increase the revenue. We can expect the sequel to be decided solely on the basis of what these companies are currently doing. However, “I’m Standing on a Million Lives” is not a single distribution service.

The revenue will therefore be determined according to the number views per video distribution service. To measure the number views, you can use the popularity ranking for video distribution services as a reference.

On September 15, 2021 the result of the weekly ranking for the d anime shop, which is popular as an anime video distribution service, was 13th.

It has a low ranking in 2021’s summer animation, so it is likely that it is not growing. The number of “worrisomes” can be considered the number of favorite registered in the D anime store. It can be seen that it gained steady fans from the very beginning.

Even though video distribution is popular, it’s not enough to decide whether sequel production will happen immediately. Even though disk sales may be slow, we can still expect some profits.Finally, when will “I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 3” be broadcast? We will determine the broadcast date.

First, look at the broadcast times between the first and the second periods of animation. The second period is broadcast in just more than half an year.

The discs’ packaging suggests that production was done in advance. This image is actually closer to the 1st or 2nd cools, rather than the first and second cools.

Concerning the third season, you’ll make a decision after looking at both the sales of the discs and the original. The third season of animated has not yet been confirmed by the market. We will likely see this situation for a while.

Due to concerns regarding the stock of the original, expect that HTML3_ the broadcast date for the third season of will be after October 2023. It will also be two years later at earliest .

  • There’s a 40% chance that I’m Standing on a Million Lives will be made season 3.
  • Broadcast date is anticipated to be after Oct 2023
  • The original manga’s 11th volume will likely be used as the basis for the animation.

It’s the third season of TV animation “I’m Standing in a Million Lives.” However, considering the disc’s expected sales and the popularity video distribution, the likelihood of a sequel production being produced is just 40%.


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