The otaku community is used to hearing the waifuand spouseo terms. These terms are often linked to an idealization of manga, anime, and other video game characters.

If you are an anime fan, then you will probably have some adorable anime girls and lovable female characters A.K.A your waifu.

Waifus are a common thing for anime fans. It’s something I do, but I won’t tell you. But I do have a list. Here are some best Anime waifu.

After you have watched them for a while, you will not be able to fall asleep at night …..

10. Mio Akiyama

K-ON, a high school anime she introduced to students. “K-ON!” was a hot topic for 2009.

Mio quickly found a special spot in the hearts and minds of viewers.

She has a shy personality, and she is often surprised by her fear.

Mio plays the bassist in a highschool band. While she is no longer in the spotlight, she remains an elegant and reverent anime character who millions of fans have adored since her days on the manga page.

“K-ON ! Many anime fans love the character “K-ON!” She is an perfect waifu .

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9. Mirai Kuriyama

Kuruyama mirai attracts anime fans from all over the planet.

Mirai’s supernatural anime of dark fantasy had 12 episodes. Mirai wrote a compelling story that set the standard for “cuteness.”

Mirai, who is bad at lying, shy and has low self-esteem comes across as very naive.

Mirai’s thick, round glasses and pink hair make her a shy schoolgirl.

However, as the story progresses her self-examination with the help others reveals lesser-known parts of her personality.

A pretty girl suffering from the “curse blood” can find a spot in her heart almost immediately after she leaves.

8. Megumi Kito

Perhaps the best anime character who looks great but isn’t able to get any attention from her classmates.

Megumi, who is featured in the anime ” How to Raise an Boring Girlfriend“, is a soft-spoken girl in school who makes friends with “the most otaku” in her classes.

She can anthropomorphize the most emotionless and flattest characters, but rarely animates them.

She often responds with a deadpan smile, but she is recognized as a very calm and peaceful girl, whose classmates rarely feel her presence.

7. Kotori Minami

Kotori Minami was a manga character in “Love Live!” 2010. Her charming personality and gentle demeanour attracted readers.

Kotori and her friend continue the story, desperately trying to find ways to increase the number students at the school. The school is currently in a “closed situation” due to a shortage.

They decided to become “idols”, and popularized the school. Kotori is shown as a girl who doesn’t know what’s happening around or to her.

She is also indecisive. She relies on close friends to help her make decisions about her future.

Kotori expresses her cuteness through her style and how she looks at fashion. She is a perfect anime wifu.

6. Mayuri Shiina

Usually, the quietest person knows more than the best.

This is true even when it comes down to the shy and naive girl from the 2011 anime Stein. Gate.

Mayuri Shiina is a black-haired, one-piece girl that is the main character in the “time traveling” anime. She helps “Rintarou Okabe”, a science addict.

Mayuri, like all cute anime characters is full joy and innocence.

Mayuri is a magnet for unforgettable moments and her unmistakable tenderness and charisma.

5. Kosaki Onodera

Do you remember falling in love with someone, but not revealing it to your friends because you were afraid it might endanger the friendship you have with them?

Another victim is now.

Kosaki is one the main characters of “Nisekoi”, the 2012 manga series. Kosaki is a simple girl who charms the audience instantly.

Kosaki’s relationship with his classmate “Raku,” makes love bloom out of fear for the loss of their friendship.

Although she isn’t as strong academically as her peers, she inspires us all with her hard work and determination.

Kosaki’s timid nature makes her feel loved and cared for by many characters, including her sister, who acts as a shield in times of trouble.

Actually, she’s my favorite character.

She is, in my opinion, the best among all.

4. Uiharu Kazari

The 2007 science fantasy manga series ” A Certain Magical Index” has many characteristics. These include psychic power, futuristic cityscapes, and lots more actions.

Five people from “Esper”, or Academy City, are the protagonists of this story. They possess the spiritual power to tirelessly work for peace.

Kazari is one the Espers who has mental powers that enable her to control thermal energies.

She is friendly and shy so she is often teased in gang meetings.

Kazari is unable to fight but makes her judgement about the possibility of achieving justice.

She is a simple person who enjoys making tea.

She is also a person who loves animals and has a lot to give.

She is a bestmaterial.

3. Nadeko Sengoku

“Bakemonogatari,” a lengthy series, features several vampire-infested characters and cursed or manipulated ghosts.

Nadekowas introduced to you as a shy schoolgirl who has a horrible past and is cursed by a serpent that appears to have snake skins.

The series’ first rendition of Nadeko shows her as a quiet, shy, and friendly girl.

Her obvious preference for the protagonist shows her loyalty to her loved ones.

Nadeko’s transformation over the course of the series has undoubtedly cast doubt on our perception of her at the beginning. She was a soft-speaking highschool doll, and finally she threw away her shell.

You can now break it down and call yourself “Goddess of the Snake.”

2. Elucia de Lute Ima

The anime “The World God Only Knows”, which explores the addictive world video games, features one of the funniest and most bizarre characters to grab our attention.

Elsie is a 300-year old demon from hell, who came to Earth in search of the “lost spirit.”

You may be asking yourself, “What’s so cute?” ! !

In this case, age is just another number.

Elsie is the epitome and embodiment of clumsiness.

You will find your cuteness detection meter going crazy with her sneaky, childish nature.

You will laugh and be compelled to ask for more from Elsie and her world in this entertaining showdown!

She is the ideal anime waifu that you could ever want.

1. Kanade Takibana

Kanade is a degrading agent that impermeates human emotions. He may appear as an unreadable authority on Angel Beats.

Kanade’s cold-hearted personality creates negative images of her existence.

“Angel Beats,” tells the story of those who lost their lives and “limbo”.

You will need to be disciplined before you can embark on your final journey.

Kanade, who is well-versed in the rules of land, doesn’t feel attached to anyone. This is because she has had to leave her side when people are left in “limbo”.

She is not friendly but her fighting skills will amaze you. You’ll be hooked by her intimidating charm.


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