Isekai, a popular anime genre, is loved by all otaku. This is where the main character of anime reincarnates in another universe to continue his/her story. This series is loved by viewers for its fascinating story and adventurous characters. Every year, there are dozens upon dozens of isekai animation maids. There are many iskai anime that are very popular, such as Re:Zer0 and No Game No Life. They entertained the audience. You may not be aware that Mahoutsukai Sally (or “Sally the Witch”) was the first isekai manga. This episode is televised in anime history. Each year, we get a main character in many of the popular anime. However, not all characters are superpowerful. Saburu form Re:zero. Only a few characters are more powerful than others in terms of intelligence, agility and strength. Today, we’ll be discussing isekai anime.

1. That’s when I got reincarnated as a slime

Satoru Mikami was a salaryman who noticed that he had been reincarnated into a different world.

But, it was a slimy appearance.

Slime Genesis solves different problems and becomes friends with the monster races.

The main character Rimuruis as powerful and terrifying as any other.

This anime is packed with incredible action and adventure, which makes it very addictive.

I am a huge fan and follow this anime from the moment it was released.

It is an isekai anime that is perfect with

It would be better if it was viewed; I highly recommend.

Also see:

2. Overlord

It is 2138.

“Yggdrasil,” an online game which was a major hit in the era that saw the advent of virtual reality and hands-on gaming, should have been quietly shut down.

A lonely boy who loves games becomes the strongest wizard in real life, leading the guild and facing another world. This is a dark fantasy which shows how it happens.

Animation production is Madhouse.

This anime is another favorite, and the main character is very strong indeed.

Because of the unique characters and interesting story, my friend loves this anime.

3. The Devil is Part-Timer

The 13-episode anime hit the screens on April 4, 2013.

Satan, the demon king who made his way to Tokyo from the other world Ente Isla following being defeated by an hero.

It’s a popular myth about the Demon King, who is part-time workers and caught up in the rough waves that the Japanese economy.

Emilia is the brave woman who came to Japan following the Demon King. She also works as a Tele-Assistant.

The two brave men and demon kings who have to sweat on their foreheads will again meet in Tokyo.

This anime is very well-known, and is still one of my favorites.

This anime is filled with action and comedy, and its characters are as funny as they come.

As I said, the main character of the story is a powerful Demon King.

Fans are still waiting for The Devil Is A Part-Timer season 2,. They hope that it will return soon.

4. Cautionary Hero

Lista, the goddess who will save the super hard mode world.

Seiya, a cheat-class man, was summoned by her. However, he is very cautious …?.

He is extremely cautious and distrustful, just like the title.

An entirely new world relief drama about a brave man, and a goddess who is moved by him, begins!

This anime is extremely funny and should be seen.

5. Mushoku Tensei (Jobless Reincarnation)

Finally, it is my favorite isekai manga.

Every isekai anime fan, including me, has the same opinion as me.

It’s about a 34-year old virgin and unemployed man who dies tragically and is reincarnated into a magical world as his baby.

He is an extraordinary child who discovers magic and begins his journey along with his friends.

This TV show has a good plot, interesting characters, and is quite funny.

He isn’t yet an op-mc, so I am not sure if this anime will be included in the list.

As I stated, the mc character is special and will be the op in the story.

I recommend this anime highly.

6. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The story of an ordinary otaku that summoned himself to a different world through the help of a book he had found at the library. He was also a shield hero and other heroes.

The mission of one of four sacred heroes who wear swords or spears, bows or shields is to rid the world of the “calamity waves” that cause chaos.

Naofumi was enthusiastic about the adventure and set out to join his friends.

But, just a few days later, he was betrayed by his boss and lost his entire position and money.

Naofumi can’t believe in anyone so he uses Raphtalia to battle the waves and the whole world.

This anime is very beloved by the isekai.

The story will continue to strengthen the main character.

You should watch the anime for its great story and action.

7. Log Horizon

Shiroe is the anime’s main character. He is an avid gamer.

He got caught in a game called Elder Tale one day with thirty-ooo Japanese players.

There is a way out. Every mistake you make in the game will be visible in the real-world.

This is an excellently written anime, and it’s a popular one.

It already has 3 seasons, and fans are still waiting for season 4 of the Loghorizon.

The story continued and the main character became more powerful.

8. No Life, No Game

It concerns two brothers and sisters, Sora (sister) and Shiro (sister).

After playing chess with an unknown opponent, they were able to play again and find themselves in a parallel universe. There the god Theta rules.

They will face 16 races and will need to win. This victory will enable the weakest race of people to be free and conquer the world.

Both characters are extremely intelligent and can win any fight. This is what you’ll find fascinating.

Give ….a try

9. Academy for the Misfits of Demon King

The tale of a violent demon-king who was revived after 2,000 years. His name is Anos Voldigode.

The demon king, violence, who reincarnated as a dream of peace.

However, two thousand years later, his descendants waited for him to reincarnate. They were too weak and had become accustomed peace to peace.

Anos enrolled at “The Misfits of Demon Kings”, which gathers, educates and trains those considered to be the Demon King’s reincarnation. The school does not recognize his power and labels him as a nonconforming person.

Additionally, the legendary Demon King was said to be completely different from himself.

It is another perfect animation with op Mc.

Give it a go…

10. With my Smartphone, I’m in Another World

Because of the god’s mistake, the main character Touya Mochzuki starts a new life in a magical world.

He has a God-given body, and a smartphone that can function in a different universe.

He met different people in the Isekai world, became friends with them, and discovered the secrets of this world.

It’s a kind harem animation so it is recommended for those who like harem.

The main character is overpowered.

I have listed 10 isekai animations with Please start watching them without hesitation.


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