Setting up a Christmas tree and decorating it with ornaments is one tradition many people look forward to during the days leading to Christmas Eve. However, if you have one or more fur babies at home, then having a tree inside can quickly turn into a massive headache.

Some cats would love to crawl around the tree, while others prefer to knock off glittery ornaments hung on the tree’s branches. Also, some frisky cats may want to climb to the tree top and enjoy their new vantage point. Surveying the house during the holiday season can be pretty easy from this place.

Although the Christmas tree offers your furball a new play area, there are many dangers associated with it. Ingesting pine needles, chewing on lights, wires, tinsel, wreath, garlands, and consuming tree water are some holiday hazards you must keep an eye out for.

Consider being prepared with pet health insurance early so that dealing with unanticipated health events can be much easier. Inquire about pet insurance cost across insurers, weigh the plans, then request and compare quotes to sign up for the plan that best suits your munchkin’s health needs and your budget.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn some ways to stop your kitty cat from messing with the Christmas tree.

#1 Add a line of control

Consider using one or many deterrents to keep your fur baby at bay throughout the holidays. Having double-sided tapes around the tree, aluminum foil protecting the tree’s base, and adding gates to the area are some security ideas you can explore.

Place a cat spray can with an integrated motion sensor near the tree. A stream of air is blown every time your furry baby approaches the tree or tries to cross the line. 

Another hack worth trying is to take a plastic bag and punch holes in it; after that, place some lemon or orange zest and hang it near the tree. Your cat may find the smell coming through the holes repelling and hence stay away from the precious tree. Be sure to hand the bag where it can’t get tangled up in it.

#2 Keep the tree less attractive

A lot of giant, colorful, sparkly, dangling ornaments from the tree branches can entice your kitty to play with them or pull them apart. So, make sure you hang irresistible decorative pieces on the top branches that are difficult for your feline pet to reach.

Use twist ties instead of hooks to hang the objects and keep them in place. This way, they are more protected from your four paws even if it relentlessly goes after them.

Provide new cat toys, condos, trees, perches, and caves where your feline pet can spend quality time during the day. Offer various stimulating things to keep it occupied and less interested in the newly arrived Christmas tree.

#3 Make it difficult to access

Keep the Christmas tree away from furniture and other things your cat can use to leap onto the tree. Add fences, physical barriers, and other things your furball might not care for around the tree. The point is to make the path less accessible and the tree more guarded.

#4 Secure it from all sides

The tree must have a strong base, anchored from the top and sides. This way, the tree is less likely to topple over even if your cat manages to jump onto it or climb.

Adding many layers of protection is necessary to keep your cat and tree safe during the holiday season. Accidents, injuries, and other medical emergencies can’t be ruled out even with utmost care because you never know what your cat can get into in a few missed moments. 

Pet health insurance helps tackle such health emergencies efficiently. Pet insurance cost can be many times lesser than fat vet bills you may have to deal with during dire health scenarios, which is why you must consider buying a policy.


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