Madhouse! The manga was drawn from the viewpoint of Kobuchizawa House, but it is not a novel or manga.

It was inevitable because the “No Game No Life” group was involved in the production. But it is one of many works from the 2018 winter animation. This was a succession if big hits and it is still very much loved.

The synopsis of is the story of four teenage girls aiming at Antarctica”. But it is not a fantasy story. This story was made possible by the cooperation of Science and Technology Ministry and the Maritime Self-Defense Force. You have to carefully plan your journey.

It has been highly rated not only in Japan, however, it has also been selected to be one of the ten best TV programs in 2018 (NY Times in the overseas program category).

There are many voices of fans calling for a sequel and a remake of the TV animation or the movie version.

There is no official information on a sequel production at the moment, but this article analyzes the possibility to make a movie about “A Place Further Than the Universe” for the second season of TV animation.

What date will be broadcast for the sequel if it is made? You will also be kept informed about the latest information like the number of manga volumes released. We hope you enjoy the show until the end.

Will there be a Season 2 and a movie?

To understand the potential for TV animation and movie production in “A Place Further Than the Universe Season 2”, the most important thing to do is check the sales of DVD and Blu-ray discs.

When the average disc sales reach 4,000-5,000, the animation production board will be in profit. There is also a possibility that there will soon be sequel production.

“A Place Further Than the Universe” in particular is an original animation. There is no original manga or novel. This makes it dependent heavily on disk sales.

There are two types, Blu-ray and DVD. A total four volumes of the disc “A place further than the universe” have been published. The total sales of BDs/DVDs that I’m interested in are huge hit with more then 7,000 copies per volume.

Furthermore, this is an average of 10,000 sales.

The 2018 winter anime season was a success with many hits, including “Violet Evergarden”, Yuru camp, “Overlord 2”, and “Overlord 3”, but “A Place Further Than the Universe”, is the best.

The sales side of the disc shows that “A Place Further Than the Universe” will likely be made into an animated 2nd season or a movie.

Next we will examine the popularity and use of the video distribution services. These video distribution services, which can be viewed at your home at any hour, have been very popular in recent years. It has also been reported that discs are hard to sell.

In order to make a movie or a second animation period, it is important to consider the revenue stream from video distribution.

There are two types of revenue that video distribution services can generate from: revenue from exclusive distribution and revenue based upon the number views. But, there has never been a service that only distributes “A Place Further Than the Universe”.

Profits will be determined based on how many views are received, but the No. 1 general vote of all works held by the animation distributor service “d Anime Store”, with “A Place Further than the Universe”, ranked in third place!

This is second only after “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, a national blockbuster, as well as “Sword Art Online”, whose cumulative circulation has exceeded 26 million copies. It is also surprising that it is a unique animation. It has been.

90,000. More are registered in “worrisome”, which is a bookmark functionality in the d animestore. Even though it was created many years ago, it still has a steady number of views. It is anticipated that there will be.

There is a high chance that the second season of anime “A Place Further than the Universe” will be produced, considering the popularity of video distribution.

A company called Madhouse handles animation production for “A Place Further Than the Universe”.

It is a well-established animation company, founded in 1970s. The company has produced many famous animations like “DEATH NOTE”, “Gokusen”, and others. We are also known for producing sequels such “Overlord”, “Chihayafuru” and other animations.

I don’t feel that I’m being blessed with hits these days. So if I decide to make “A Place Further Than the Universe” a sequel, I’m very probable to do animation production.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the book “A Place Further Than the Universe”, received high praises from people all over the globe.

The New York Times, which almost everyone has heard of, was named International.

It is likely that the sequel TV anime 2nd series or theatrical version movie will be distributed internationally if it is released. If you expect to make profits in the overseas market, then there is an increase in chances of a sequel production.

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What kind of story could there be if A Place Further than the Universe Season Two?

“A Place Further Than the Universe” anime is original. There are no original manga or novels. It is possible to add many stories depending on the script.

However, in the first part of the anime, is completely finished. The story of Mari Tamaki (Kobuchisawa House), Hinata Miyake and Yuzuki Shraishi traveling to Antarctica and then returning to Japan is . This is an impression

The difficulty of making a sequel to the first period is high. It’s also possible to make a movie version of a popular animation.

Possibility 1; Film adaptation through the lens of Kobuchizawa house

“A Place Further Than the Universe”, an original animation , but all three volumes manga from the viewpoint of Kobuchizawa House are published.

It’s been many years since TV animation’s first season ended. This means that even if it were made into a movie with some minor editing, the number of viewers will not grow.

You can also enjoy a “place further than the Universe” if you make a sequel using the manga comics from Kobuchizawa house’s perspective.

The most recent anime made into movies by moving the main characters to other characters is “Theatrical V Sword Art Online Progressive Night Aria”.

Kirito is the main character of “Sword Art Online”. However, it’s a story that takes a deep dive in the Einclad edition through Asuna’s eyes.

Enjoy A Place Further Than The Universe when you draw from the viewpoint of Kobuchizawa House.

Possibility 2; Movie adaptation of later talks

Another possibility is drawing a story of four girls from Mari Tamaki and House Kobuchizawa.

It is common to make the story into a movie later on. There is the “Theatrical” version.

“We don’t know the name or the origin of the flower we saw in the movie version.” This film has exceeded the 1 billion yen box office revenues and is a huge success.

It seems that “A Place Further Than the Universe”, if it is made into a movie in the exact same way, it won’t pollute the first period for TV animation.

If “A Place Further than the Universe Season 2”, when will the broadcast date and release date be?

The first period of TV animated was broadcast in January-2018. It is now more than three decades since the broadcast ended. So it is not surprising that the sequel productions will be announced at any moment.

There will be no broadcast, release or announcement at least through 2021 . The production of the sequel is usually decided in advance! Often, the sequel is released nearly a full year after its announcement.

Therefore, we anticipate that the TV anime second season broadcast date and theatrical version movie release dates of “A Place Further Than the Universe” will take place after 2023.

Summary: 70% chance to reach a place beyond the universe season 2

  • 70% chance of A Place Further than the Universe Season 2
  • It is likely to be made into movie than the second TV season’s animated TV series.
  • The sequel is expected to be released in 2023.

It is the second season in TV animation. The movie version of “A Place Further Than the Universe” is the first. However, considering the sales discs and video distribution, as well as the popularity of the movie overseas, it seems that there may be a 70%.

Do you have a curiosity about something? It could lead to the destruction of your TV animation studio if you make a sequel that has too much bad content.

Accordingly, the possibility of producing another sequel is dependent on the story. In some cases, however, like “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, a new movie production can be decided on the 10th Anniversary of the Start of Broadcasting.


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