Is it true that you are among the different Apex Legends fans who are interested about the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12? Have you been pondering who is the most notable and most played legend of Season 12? On the off chance that that is the situation, stress not on the grounds that we have you altogether covered.

For the legitimacy of the data that we share, every last bit of it is really founded on an information base of very nearly 8 million Apex Legends players. Albeit this isn’t the very whole player base, it is a seriously decent example size. Despite the fact that these measurements don’t precisely depict who is “the best” among every one of them, the most famous Legend among them has been featured.

Now that the Season 12 is appropriately in progress, it was concluded that each and every information that has been given will be extrapolated, even the data connected with the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12, including the most notable, and the shrewd shocks hanging tight for you folks!

In This Article

Pinnacle Legends Pick Rates Season 12

We present to you all of the Apex Legends pick paces of season 12 for each and every legend till date. Monitor this article since we’ll refresh it as the rates proceed to change and the pick rates vary too.

Peak Legends Pick Rates Season 12

Character Pick Rate

1. Wraith 11.8%

2. Octane 11.6%

3.Bloodhound 9.5%

4. Pathfinder 9.1%

5. Valkyrie 8.8%

6. Horizon 5.9%

7. Lifeline 5%

8. Bangalore 4.8%

9. Ash 4.4%

10. Loba 4.2%

11. Fuse 3.5%

12. Mirage 3.2%

13. Gibraltar 3.1%

14. Caustic 2.7%

15. Revenant 2.4%

16. Seer 2.2%

17. Watson 2.1%

18. Distraught Maggie 2.1%

19. Crypto 2%

20. Rampart 1.6%

As of late, as per the details, Crypto and Rampart have had the option to see a seriously diminished pick rate than the past times, thus driving them to winding up in the last two situations among the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12. However, you should remember that on account of their low pick rate, it doesn’t naturally make them any less important. In any case, the gamers may not precisely be chill with their capacities in larger part circumstances in Apex Legends.

Subsequent to seeing the rundown of Apex Legends pick rates Season 12, you might see how Horizon figured out how to get picked all the more once she got a buff in Season 10. However, because of the presentation of Seer, Rampart’s pick rate got a lot of lower among all the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12. In any case, one way or another he at long last figured out how to skip right back after the legend’s nerf.

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Most Played Apex Legends Characters in 2022

On the off chance that you didn’t know, a higher pick rate doesn’t naturally imply that its a substantially more successful Legend. In any case, you ought to be educated that in the current form, similar few characters have figured out how to hold the spots of the main five for a long while now. In this way, here are the most played Legends in the Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12.

1. Apparition

Peak Legends Pick Rates Season 12

Regardless of what the season is , Wraith generally keeps steady over the whole rundown of Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12. It is all a result of her gateway capacity, and her fantastic imperceptible capacity. Phantom is a totally crew based character of Apex Legends Season 12 who can without much of a stretch be used.

2. Octane

It doesn’t exactly make any difference what the season is or the update is, each Apex Legends fan appreciates playing with this particular Legend in light of his capacities and assets. This naturally makes him a seriously fun and simple Legend to play with. These elements add to its presence in the best two of the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12.

3. Dog

Peak Legends pick rates season 12

With regards to retribution, the Bloodhound is the ideal specialist in the whole Apex Legends game because of his capacity “Eye of the Allfather”. This permits him to find the foe crew without any problem. One more variable that adds on to the explanations behind his presence among the Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12 is his Reckon capacity. The Bloodhound came to the rundown when it, for the last time, crushed the Seer in the pick rate.

4. Pathfinder

With a pick pace of 9.1%, the Pathfinder stands tall on the fourth situation in the rundown of Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12. This particular Legends permits your crew to move a lot quicker on the guide all because of his hook capacity. There are times when he even plays a scout job for the group and it prompts him effectively getting away from any battle that is going on.

5. Valkyrie

Pinnacle Legends pick rates season 12

Valkyrie stands tall on the fifth number in the rundown of Apex legends Pick Rates season 12 with a pick pace of 8.8%. With the help of this particular Legend, you can straight up turn and escape terrible spots regardless of whether you end up being caught in a corner.

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Wrapping Up

Indeed, that’s basically it! We have remembered all the data for connection to the Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12. We are really expecting that the pick rates would without a doubt change since Season 13 is most certainly bound to have a great deal of adjusting changes! We really trust our article figured out how to direct you with the essential data appropriately. On the off chance that you feel a little wary, go ahead and share with us in the remark box.


1. Which Legend has the most elevated pick rate in Apex Legends season 12?

The most picked Legend in the whole gamer local area of Apex Legends is the Wraith with a pick pace of 11.8%.

2. Which Legend has the most reduced pick rate in Apex Legends season 12?

Among every one of the Legends in the rundown of Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12, Rampart is by all accounts the least picked Legend with a pick pace of 1.6%.

3. What is the typical success rate in Apex?

The typical success rate in Apex Legends truly relies upon regardless of whether you play with a lot of randoms. In any case, the typical successes ought to be around 5%, so 5 for each 100 games that are played.


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