Skin irritations that happen frequently can be irritating. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle and keep your skin clean, it is possible that you are still experiencing skin problems. This could be a sign that your skin barrier may have been damaged.
The skin barrier, which is the outermost layer on the skin, protects it from sunburn, pollution, and dirt. You can have serious skin problems if your skin barrier breaks down. Here are some examples:

1. Inflammation occurs on the skin

Skin that has lost its skin barrier is more prone to irritation. The skin will be more susceptible to dirt, sunlight, and pollution. This causes your skin to become more inflamed. If you are too exposed to the sun or outside pollution, your skin will feel itchy and flush quicker.

2. Acne Easier

Acne is a skin problem that can occur when the skin barrier is broken. The skin barrier can be damaged and acne will often appear without warning. Instead of diminishing, pimples can become more frequent each day.

Also, acne can occur in multiple places at once as opposed to hormonal acne that is usually limited to a few areas.

3. Skin easily experiences sunburn

The skin becomes more sensitive when the skin barrier has been damaged. The skin can experience sunburn faster if it is exposed too long to the sun’s heat. The sunburn effect can be minimized by applying sunscreen. Sunscreen performance can be increased if your skin is healthy.

4. Dehydrated skin but excessive sebum production

Do you ever feel like your skin is still looking and feeling dry? Your skin barrier may be damaged if you experience this. Because of the lack in hydration, sebum is a skin defense mechanism. Dehydration can make your skin feel dry even if it is oily.

Next, what should be done if the skin barrier is breached?

A soothing cream can be used to calm skin already suffering from problems.

Dermaluz Soothing Creme with Cactus Extract can soothe minor irritations and redden skin. This soothing cream is moisturizing and can repair the skin barrier.Dermaluz Soothing Cream

Dermaluz Soothing Cream features a cool gel texture which makes it light and easy to apply on the skin. This soothing lotion is completely free of parabens.

You can protect your skin against UV rays with sunscreen. This will help to prevent further damage. Use Dermaluz hydrating sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays and improve your skin barrier.Dermaluz Hydrating Sunscreen

This sunscreen can be used to brighten, hide pores, moisturize, and even out the skin tone. Dermaluz Hydrating sunscreen is suitable to all skin types.

To have healthy skin, the first step is to fix the skin barriers. You must fix your skin barrier immediately before anything terrible happens to your skin ladies


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