Can Goku breathe in space? Dragonball is a popular anime that has millions of fans. With more than 1000 episodes, it’s also the longest anime series. Fans also love the manga, which is extremely popular. Akira Toriyama is the author of this incredible anime.

Its story and action are what make this anime special. This anime has so many characters you’ll enjoy it. You will be able to ask many questions as you watch this anime. Today, we’ll answer one of those questions. One of these questions is can Goku breath in space? Let us know.

Can Goku breath in space?

No. This is the simple answer.

But Goku was seen fighting Lord Beerus out of space.

Because they were fighting in the stratosphere.

Akira Toriyama is the Dragon Ball creator. He claims that Goku and Beerus fought at Earth’s highest atmosphere. The air was very thin but still high enough for Goku to breathe.

Can Saiyans breathe in space?

No is the short answer.

Here are the reasons. Spoiler alert .

Goku is seen trying to chase Moro away from the atmosphere in Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta stopped Goku by telling him that the Saiyans couldn’t survive the vacuum in space. They have to find a way. This is how you can see that Saiyans are unable to breathe in space.

This isn’t a new idea. It was already seen in the early dragonball series when the author introduced the spaceship to us so that our main characters could travel out into space.


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