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Kenan Thompson is who? Kenan Thompson’s wife Christina Evangeline? What happened to them? Christopher Jerell Redd, a comedian and stand-up comedian from the United States is well-known. Christina Redd is Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife. Chris red was her co-star. For more information on their relationship, read Chris Redd Kenan Thompson Wife article.

What is the relationship between Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson and his wife?

According to whispers, Christina Evangeline is dating Christopher Jerell Redd. He is part of Saturday Night Live’s cast.

Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson had broken up a couple months earlier. Chris Redd has become her friend. Her husband is her Saturday Night Live star. According to sources, Kenan Thompson’s exwife Christina Evangeline was the Girlfriend of Chris Redd.


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Did they have a relationship?

According to media reports, Chris Redd and Christina Evangeline have become legal partners in the last year. They have never been in a relationship of unfaithfulness or gap. They have been together for six years. They appeared together on Kenan’s sitcom. They had only casual interactions. Continue reading for more information about Kenan Thompson, Christina and Redd.

Kenan Thompson bank value?

Kenan Thompson was born in the USA. His Net Worth was estimated at $20 million in November 2022. He began his career as an actor, and is now one of the most popular stand-up comedians.

Is Thompson breakup Christina?

Before they filed for divorce, Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline lived apart. Kenan Thompson left her and began dating other people. He also reported in the media on his relationship with Chris, which he doesn’t mind.

Are they Parents Of Any Kids?

Kenan Thompson has two children, both girls. Thompson married Christina Evangeline in 2011. They have two daughters. One child was born in June 2014. The younger child was born in August 2018.

How do they separate?

They announced their separation on 7 April 2022 after a successful relationship. They both continue to co-parent their daughters.

What is Age & Name of their children?

Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline are parents to two girl children. They are Georgia Marie Thompson, and Gianna Michel Thompson. The older girl is 8 years and the younger is 4.

Thompson is most well-known and recognized for his role in Saturday Night Live on NBC. Kenan Thompson is the casting agent for the comedy series NBC Sketch. He is the most well-known personality in his life thanks to Saturday Night Live.

Kenan Height & More

Kenan was born in the USA, on 10 May 1978. Kenan is now 44 years old. He is an American Actor and a stand-up comedian. Kenan Thompson stands 1.74m high. It is a mystery to his fans. Keep checking back for more updates.

Chris Redd (SNL), is currently dating Evangeline. Evangeline is the wife of his co-star Kenan Thomson. Either they were authorized to be together last year. There was no cheating or overlap in their relationship.

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American comedian Kenan Thompson is also an actor. Chris Redd, his co-star, is in a legal partnership with Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife Christina Evangeline. Find out more about the Wikipage. This link contains information about Kenan Thompson and his wife.


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