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Did you hear about the deaths of Idaho University students. Are you aware of the identities of the victims? We are here to give you all the details. Recent news about the death of students from Idaho has been the talk in the town. In the United States, the news went viral.

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Idaho: Students are stabbed by University students

Everyone’s attention has been drawn to the disturbing incident at Idaho University. According to reports, four University of Idaho students were stabbed and killed. It happened on Sunday morning. According to investigations, they were stabbed with large sharp knives. Due to the large knife’s stabs, the students were killed around 2 AM.

Reddit was one of many websites that featured this tragic news. Many Photos were also shared on many websites that were inspired by this sad incident.

ID of students who were killed in Idaho:

On Sunday, students at Idaho University were attacked and stabbed to death. This story has been the talk of town. The incident was reported to the police. The Investigation revealed that two students had died from injuries sustained in stabbing with a large knife at 2 AM.

Investigation revealed that the four victims were Madison Mogen and Ethan Chapin as well as Kaylee Goncalves and Xana Kernodle. The Murderedvictims were between 20 and 21 years old, and were roommates. The autopsy report, in addition to such investigations, is still not known. Expect the autopsy reports to arrive in the next 4-6 weeks.

More details about Idaho University students who were killed:

Everyone was shocked at the sudden death of four students from Idaho University. According to reports, the four students had been staying at a nearby rental house. On Sunday morning, they were stabbed to their deaths.

Investigators continue to search for the suspect. The suspect has not been identified. The names of the victims were revealed by an investigation. After going through the crime scene, it was discovered that the victims were killed using a large knife. The blade that was used to stab the students is still unknown. There were also no indications of forcing entry to the room.

Last sighting of students:

They were roommates. They were last seen at the bar on Saturday, enjoying the party and listening to twitch music. They returned home at 1:45 a.m. on Sunday. They were then all stabbed at 2 AM. Moscow police received a report at noon that Dead students were found at the rental house near the University campus.

More information on Idaho University students who were killed:

  • Number Of Victims:4
  • Victims names:Madison Mogen Ethan Chapin Kaylee Goncalves and Xana Kernodle
  • Killed in:Sunday morning
  • Cause of Death: Stitched with Knife
  • University students:Idaho University
  • Victims Staying in:Rental Home
  • Age of the Victims20-21
  • Autopsy Report: Not known
  • Suspect Name:Not Known
  • Time to die:2 A.M.
  • Last seen at: 1: 45 A.M
  • Roommates – Yes
  • The weapon that kills:Big Knife
  • Police updated on:Sunday noon


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