This post on Farel Prayoga Death informs readers about the hoax that can cause shock and havoc to many people. Learn the facts.

Is Farel no more? Is Farel dead? Farel Prayoga (vocalist for “Ojo Dibandingke”) was reported to have died and been cremated according to a message on a social media site. People from all over the Philippines and other areas have been reporting the death of Farel Prayoga, a teenage Banyuwangi musician.

People were shocked by the sad news. If it is true, let us see the post on Farel Prayoga Cause of Death.

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What’s the latest on Farel’s Demise.

A Facebook account claimed to be Farel Prayoga’s brother and shared the sad news. According to the narrative, he claimed that Farel was his sibling and was devastated by Farel’s death. In the message, Farel was asked to pray and may he rest in peace in the name Allah.

Farel Prayoga died in the reports, however. Farrell was seen on November 13th, 2022, stepping in to a program on the primary television channel. This makes Farrell’s death news false. Farel is seen in a video uploaded to Indonesia’s YouTube channel. He looks healthy and well-groomed as he converses with other cast members.

Farel Prayoga’s Wikipedia HTML3_!

Farel, a young Indonesian singer who sings different songs at various events, is Farel. His TikTok videos became hugely popular on social media. He sings songs about Indonesian films as well as Indonesian songs. Farel performed at numerous public events and in the presence of the president.

Numerous tweets were posted about Farel’s death and his condition after his death was announced via Twitter.

Rip Farel – Social Networking Handlers

Many tweets that mentioned Farel’s death were false. Farel’s death news was rumored, but his fans should know that Farel is still performing at events and in good health. Farel is known for his distinctive and soulful voice.

Farel’s death announcement was faked by those who sent messages and tweets about it. It is possible to pray for Farel’s long and healthy life, but you should not believe any hoaxes until there is an official confirmation. Farel did not Pass Away.

Farel Family Details:

Prayoga comes from a middle-class family and started his career as a roadside performer at an early age. He was offered many opportunities to perform at different events. He performed with many Indonesian singers, including Vita Alvia and Muffy Key, filla Thalia and YeniInka.

Prayoga performed at the Republic of Indonesia’s 77th Anniversary, where he sang and performed in front of an enormous crowd. Prayoga was easily recognized by his stage signature, footage released, and live broadcasts. Farel’s Funeral details are also unique because Prayoga is still alive.

Farel’s popularity:

After Farel’s performance on stage, TikTok footage of Farel singing Indonesian music quickly gained popularity online. To show his support, several TikTok recordings were made and published online. He was signed to Safari Records, which also served as his Launchpad.

His single demy Yoker’s Kesucian, which was very popular in Indonesia, was also launched. Farel’s signature was appreciated by Ms. Iriana as well as the president.

Quick Wiki

  • Real Name- Farel Prayoga
  • Profession- Indonesian singer
  • Date of birth: August 8, 2010.
  • Nationality- Indonesian
  • Birthplace- Banyuwangy Regency
  • Age – 12 Years
  • Zodiac sign- Leo
  • Mother- Siti Nurjayana
  • Father- Jojo Suyoto

Social media links

These links have no details concerning Farel’s demise. His profile can be viewed on social media.


Farelprayoga, an Indonesian singer hailing from Banyuwangi Regency. Recent reports have placed him in the spotlight due to the hoax about his death. Farel’s death was not reported in any of the media reports. More information about Farel can be found here

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