Dog breeding should only be used to improve the dog qualities of dog breeds as well as the constitution of dog breeds. To do this, you must strictly adhere to the following rules.

1. It’s essential to have a good understanding of the breed standard. To understand the pedigree, the type and character of the dog breed.

3. You should investigate the reasons for breeding success and hereditary diseases.

4. The reproductive physiology of female dogs is well-known.
5. 6. Never give puppies to someone with a malformation or disadvantage.

7. Register the pedigree of a puppy that is born promptly

Selection for Dog breeding

What is the purpose of the selection

The four primary purposes of selection and breeding dogs are:

The first is the genetics and preservation of body types, such as bone type, bodybuilding, beautiful hair color, wool and other characteristics.

The second is genetic personality, which includes gentle temperament and loyalty to the owner. It also allows for easy breeding management and teaching.

The third aspect is genetic performance. Dogs that are good at guarding and police dogs or hounds can pass on their success to their next generation.

The fourth step is the transmission and expansion.

How to select a species

You should choose a breed of dog that has the following characteristics: A strong, robust body, fast growth and development, nerve stability, non-degeneration phenomena, high fertility and a healthy temperament. Three options should be available to you based on professional standards.

First genealogy selection is the blood selection.

The second is the appearance choice method. To choose the right breed, you must look at the dog’s appearance.

Third, the descendant selecting method. A descendant assay is also known. This method allows for further observation of the good characteristics of their offspring by conforming with the above selection methods.

Summarising, I look at my ancestors and at myself as well as at the future generations.


There are many criteria that you need to consider when selecting a breeder dog. For breeding dogs, you should consider a healthy body and a strong physique.

Breeding strong male males can make them stronger. In the breeding, the female dog will catch up to the male. The male dog must have a regular urination, no defects in reproductive organs, an energetic temperament , tight clitoria, and a tight stomach. Male dogs can match up with 6 to 7 female dogs. The breeding of offspring is more difficult for male dogs than it is for female dogs. To make an informed decision on which male dogs to choose, it is important to look at the s*men of male canines and to also evaluate the quality of the offspring.

The body shape of the female dog is important. It also determines whether it has more cubs, can take cubs and if it is capable of lactation. In short, good motherhood is the main criteria. Dogs can be fed at the right time after they have given birth. Dogs that have crawled from the nest can use their mouth to name it and they are keen to protect themselves.

How do you choose for dog breeding

Selection is made to ensure that the breeding period of the breeding dogs is entered with the intention of selecting the best mate in order for it to produce the best offspring. Select from the following:


To ensure that the parents’ good qualities are passed on to their offspring, it is important to match good breed dogs with similar or similar performance and consistent expression. Both male and female can have similar weaknesses, so they should not mating if the resulting incompatibility will be more apparent.

Conductive Options

One dog with one advantage may be selected to mat with another dog with the same disadvantages. The purpose of pairing male and female dogs of different characteristics or performance is to make it possible to overcome parental weakness.

The concaveback can’t be used to change the “X” limb potential.

Kinship options

Kinship will exist between male and female dog owners. It is a way to consolidate good character. As long as there are great dog owners, you can also implement kinship matching. It helps eliminate those with potentially dangerous symptoms.

Age Options

Refers the age factor for breeding. Strong match first, followed by strong match less, young with older. In other words, strong dogs are required in the selection. Try to avoid old age. The breed is not suitable for virgin dogs, which are dogs older than five years.

You should also consider the body sizes of male and female dogs. Except for very special circumstances, inbreeding (within three generation) is strictly forbidden.

Dog breeding age

The rule of thumb is that a pet dog should be able breed when it is normal to fall in love again. However, it is best to wait for male dog breeding until around 2 years. Female dog breeding can be done up to 1 and a 1/2 years after birth.

Dogs typically are born at 6-8 months when they find their first love. At this age, the dog can’t breed. This is because the dog has only reached sexual maturity at this point and cannot breed. Dogs can be bred when they are emotionally mature by six months after the first emotional phase.

The breeding of these dogs is not possible until they are at least two years old. Dogs that are young and healthy have the best and most robust bodies. It is important to breed your pet dog at this age so that you have the best chance of raising a healthy litter of dogs.

Best Time to Match

Based off v*ginal hemorhage

If the v*gina (female dog) is red and swelling, the first drop in blood will be considered the first day. The newborn dog’s first day of mating is usually on the 11th or 13th day. The delivery dog’s first mating day is generally on the 9th or 11th day. Each 2 year increase in age or 2 more nests brings the first mating forward by 1 day.

Based off the emotional period

To increase the chance of a dog mating, it is best to wait one to two week before he or she goes to court.

The dog’s emotional performance can roughly be divided into two periods, the preemotional period, and the emotion period. The pre-emotional time is the period before the mother dog has an affair. This is when the female dog’s vaginals turn red and swollen. Blood and mucus also flow out. This occurs between 7-10 days. Then comes the emotional period.

Use the male dog test

Some female dogs have blood-like secretions that can last for days or longer after their emotional period. The dog cannot then determine if there has been any v*ginal bleeding. This is the time to test the male dog. After 1 to 3 days, the female dog is ready to mat with the male dog. This will allow for the most appropriate breeding period.

Prepare before you breed a dog

Take care of your pet dog. To keep the pet mother’s love dog safe from being taken by a male dog that is not selected, and also to make sure the male pet dog does not go looking for the dog. If it does, it could become infected with infectious diseases or be attacked by male dogs looking for a wife.

Before your dog marries, ensure that they are vaccinated with an insect repellent and vaccine. If your dog is not able to repel insects for a prolonged time, it’s best to deworm the dog immediately after the love and desire to match the dog’s parent. The baby’s stomach will be full of insects and the mother will feed them Oh.

Make sure the mother dog has a good friend before she gets emotional. They should be allowed to go out on a few walks together and get to know eachother. If you are looking to breed, choose somewhere quiet and clean that is comfortable for the male dog. Unknown environments can make the male dog anxious, and will cause him to be less comfortable with his dog.

Be kind to the mother dog. You can lock up the male dog before breeding day. After the female dog is comfortable in the environment, let the male dog go.

Notice: It is better to have your dog in a quiet environment. You should also ensure that there are no outsiders watching your dog. You must not allow your dog to distract you.

(And the male canine must be calm when he’s ready to climb up. The phone must be switched off.

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The mating process

Introduction to

The mating behavior for dogs is quite different to that of domestic animals. Because male dogs have a unique reproductive system, this is why. P*nis bone is absent in general livestock, but it does exist in male dogs. A female dog can have a v*gina inserted in order to mating without an erection. The v*gina, located at the front end of the p*nisbone turtle head sponge body, stimulates the p*nis. The sponge body quickly fills with blood and expands rapidly. The weekly increase in diameter of the female dogs’ v*gina is about 1 more than the original one. Due to the locking level, it can be difficult to seperate male and female dogs.

The male dog turned at this point and slid down to the female and female dogs, tail-totail. The male dog and female dog appear to have their buttocks joined by the connecting dog. It takes about 10145 minutes to mat. After the male dog eja**lation has been completed, the p*nis sponge bodies shrink. It is possible to remove the p*nis so they can separate.

Note for the master in mating

After mating, both the male and female dog will be attached to the tail. To avoid injury to the male dog, the female dog must be kept still. It is important to keep the female dog still in the hands of its owner.

If the female dog is in need of more comfort, encourage her.

Warnings for mating

You should give your dog a little rest after mating. After mating, male dogs shouldn’t be vigorously exercised. It is important to take 2 to 3 days off after breeding in order for breeding to be strong.

Pregnancy confirmation

A veterinarian should be contacted approximately one month after sexual intercourse in order to confirm that the female dog is pregnant. If the dog has been pregnant for 63 days. There may be deviations of 59 to 65 day. Please bring the doctor any deviations. Deviating from the expected birth date can also lead to a lower chance of survival.

A month after giving birth, the abdomen of the female dog will bulge. As with the emotional period, the nipples and p*ssy will get larger. There may also be fluid flow. The female dog will often lick the p*sy.

Pregnancy care

Get less calories and eat more protein

The mother dog will experience a mild vomiting sensation. Because the fetus is putting pressure on the stomach, the female dog will have a worse appetite. As a result, you should reduce the amount of food your dog eats and allow them to eat more. It will also make it easier for you to import foods such as dog food soaked and canned food. You can also give your puppy high-protein food (turning to puppy food). Also, can provide cheese and eggs, as well as calcium powder and other supplies.

You should not overfeed your dog, as this can lead to obesity, which makes it easy for them to have babies.

Be careful not to be aggressive

It becomes normal for a female dog to become pregnant and will not move if she becomes sick. To help the female dog have a later birth, moderate exercise like walking is important. However, excessive exercise should be avoided. If the female dog is pregnant, it will be more common to push her abdomen. If the female dog meets a companion, it is important to keep an eye on them so that there are no fighting scenes.


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