saitama or goku? If anime is your favorite medium, you’re probably familiar with One Punch Man and Dragon Ball. Both anime have an exciting story and characters. Both anime are distinctive and original in their respective ways. Saitama is the main character of these anime. Goku is the main character. Which is stronger among them? It’s a topic that people always debate and compare.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at two iconic characters from the anime universe: Goku (Dragon Ball) and Saitama (1_ One Punch Man ). Let’s take a one punch man vs Gokumatch. The match will be decided by strength, intelligence, allies and powers as much as determination.

strength (saitama vs goku)

How powerful is Goku

Goku’s and Saitamas’s strength are unmatched. Although they were both humble beginnings, their strength and dedication has greatly improved .

Saitama is more “op” in One Punch Man than Goku from Dragon Ball.

Goku comes from an incredible Anime, where the overall level was extremely powerful. Dragon Ball Z is already climbing the destruction scale. From the Saiyans we already learn that Vegeta has the ability to destroy all planets.

The arrival of Frieza makes things worse. Dragon Ball Super will see several protagonists, such as Aleus and Goku Schwarz shake space-time and entire universes by their mere existence.

Dragon Ball is one of the most powerful anime, if it’s not the best.

Goku isn’t invincible in this universe. He also died twice in Dragon Ball. He is constantly challenged by his major rivals, but he overcomes them most of the times with hard work and determination.

Goku gained all the strength he needed throughout his adventures through hard work and dedication to combative arts and martial arts.

How powerful is Saitama

One Punch Man, an anime that has been hugely popular and is now in the forefront of the fight for survival, introduced a powerful character who can take out any opponent with one punch. According to the OPM anime, Saitama is able to take out any opponent using a single Punch. This is the essence of the character. So much so, that he became completely jaded. To this day no one has survived his iconic red gloves. Even the Dark Space Raider Guild Mater leader, the horrendous Boros.

This is why does saitama seem so strong. We know that Saitama has the most powerful opponents capable of devastating planets, and potentially even the moon.

However, it appears to be the best Boros could do, and the most dangerous opponent Saitama’s faced to date. He was the one who would have done him “suffer damage” with one his attacks.

Saitama has never been challenged, which is a problem, unlike Goku. It is therefore hard to imagine that Saitama’s limit lies without water. Although some may argue that Saitama used a “streak back-toback serious punches” in defeating Boros, this does not prove that Saitama is at his limit.

Who can guess what Saitama meant with “serious“? Is there a set of super punches that he uses? Mega punch? Ultra punch? You can see our point of view.

Boros also mentioned to Saitama, when they met, that he could not feel the limits of his strength. According to Boros, Saitama likely has removed his “Limiter”, and that he now has unlimited strength, or at least that which is not perceived at this time.

Intelligence (saitama, vs. goku).


One wonders if Shonen’s Dazed Hero stereotype, which is based on Goku? He was a young man who fell on his head, so that the Saiyan’s malice was erased from his mind. Only a pure and beautiful heart is left, who loves only the one he loves. Let’s be real: Goku may not be as smart as we think. DBS was worse because Goku overestimated his strength and neglected many issues that ultimately cost him dearly. It’s all part of the charm of DBS.


Saitama is distracted, clumsy, and doesn’t think clearly about his actions. Genos has come to his aid to improve the situation. Despite all its flaws the Class B Hero Saitama is still more intelligent than the famous Goku.

The Allies

One punchman

Shonen is home to the “Power of Friendship”, an important part of anime. Now we’ll see who has the most loyal and trusted friends between OPM Saitama (DBZ Goku) and OPM Saitama.

Although saitama was officially recognized by Hero association, he isn’t as popular among the public as other heroes. This title indicates that many other heroes ( particularly S rank ) like Genos “Demon Cyborg”, Bang Silver Fang and Taksumaki “Tragic Tonado” are, theoretically, his allies. King “The most powerful man in the universe” is a must-see! None of them seem to be one punk man disaster level. In truth, he is the only really powerful character on the series (so far). This will mean that they will make Saitama more miserable than help him.

Dragon Ball

As we all know, Goku surrounds himself with Z Fighters and other allies with tremendous power. His team boasts some of the most powerful fighters in the universe. Some even outperform Goku. These include Vegeta. Majin Buu . yamcha . Gohan . C-17. Beerus. All of these characters are able to fight as a team, and they have proven it many times.

The outcome in a fight to death between

As we stated at the beginning, the question to initiate is simple and the answer quite straightforward.

Saitama and Goku will be in a fight in Dragon Ball Universe if they ever meet. Why? Because it’s the principle behind Dragon Ball. Goku wins this is how it works (ask Jin). He might be hurt or even die but, in the end, he’ll have won.

Goku can lose to Saitama if Goku is fighting Saitama within the One Punch universe. Saitama’s power is unlimitable, as we know. If Goku is able to destroy all universes, Saitama will be able to do the same for you, provided that the fight takes place in One Punch Man.

You shouldn’t compare your achievements to each other. Just because Saitama was not given the opportunity to defeat the Gods of Destruction, does not mean he is incapable of doing so. Its limits are unknown at this time.

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The end word

If I had the choice, Saitama would be it. Saitama is less suspenseful, and I don’t want to worry about my family’s health. But that doesn’t mean Saitama won’t win in a Goku fight. It is impossible to answer this question right at the moment.

Saitama is currently not able to be placed on any power scale because none his opponents have challenged him to the limit. Goku, however, has never been afraid to push his boundaries.

Two atypical characters are featured here, who may have benefited from scriptwriting immunity (plot armor) in anime history.

While this may not be the right answer for you, we believe it to be the most logical. (goku vs saitama)


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